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Who is Bettina?

Often Bettina has been quoted as saying she is the girl you grew up with but didn't know it. And she is right.

Bettina began her career in Voice Acting, the medium of providing a voice for animated characters, at a very young age. She played several well known characters in our childhoods, such as Lucy Little from the show "the Littles", Megan in My Little Pony, Elena on Final Fantasy 7 Advent Children, and most recently as Kai Green on Ben10.

But as we know her she is "Rainbow Brite", defender of color and happiness.

Bettina, who is of a multi-cultural background even stepped on to the screen in 1988 as "Marie" in "Journey to Spirit Island", in which she portrayed an American Indian girl.

Bettina is now a singer, whose voice can be heard in the McDonald's commercials "Bada ba ba ba – I'm lovin it" and in her record albums Lucky Girl (2004) and her newest Cradle to the Grave (2008).

But we can't be surprised. We have heard her sing several times before. In the Rainbow Brite record albums "Paint a Rainbow in your Heart", "The Rainbow Brite Christmas" , and in every episode of My Little Pony. Our childhoods shape who we are and prepare us for our futures. Is it any wonder that Bettina has come this far? We don't think so.

If you would like to know more about Bettina, her music and what she is currently up to, please visit her website[1] and sign up for updates, who she is touring with and perhaps see her live on stage.

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