Chasing Rainbows

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Chasing Rainbows
Chasing Rainbows
Episode: 10
Language | Name
Chasing Rainbows
L'Escroc intergalactique
Jakte på Regnbuer
Zweimal Regina Regenbogen
Caccia a Iridella
Production Company: D.I.C. Audiovisuel
Release Date: 02/14/1987 [1]
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In CHASING RAINBOWS Murky creates a robot clone of Rainbow Brite to trick the inhabitants of Rainbow Land into doing things his way. Rainbow Brite must confront the impostor and Murky to save Rainbow Land.

The Story: Chasing Rainbows

Deep in the Pits Lurky sleeps not so quietly, keeping Murky awake. In his rage, Murky screams down a pipe for Lurky to stop snoring. When Lurky shouts back Murky is thrown back into a bookcase and one book opens reading

"The best way to deceive someone is with the person they trust the most they will always believe their most trusted friends."

The best way to trick everyone in Rainbow Land is with Rainbow Brite herself!

But Murky can't have the real Rainbow Brite so he wakes and begins working on a "decoy".

To make it more convincing, he needs Star Sprinkles. So he travels to Rainbow Land. In Rainbow Land everyone is spring cleaning. Sprites clean domes and every one helping out. They are so busy they don't see Murky and Lurky snatch some Star Sprinkles, run back to the Pits to reveal his creation.

Into a bubbling mixture they put the following:

  • Star Sprinkles
  • a battery
  • an oil can
  • an old belt

When Murky dips the belt in the mix he pulls out a color belt! Lurky is shocked, but Murky explains that it isn't the real belt, but a fake belt to make his newest creation more...realistic. He then pulls a curtain from a hole in the wall to reveal "Rainbow Bot". Lurky again is surprised, because the Rainbow Bot looks just like Rainbow Brite, especially with the fake color belt. She is Rainbow Brite to every detail....but for the key behind her head.

Back in the color caves the real Rainbow Brite and the Color Kids collect more Color Crystals, and leave, and behind her Murky and Lurky send in their decoy.

The decoy goes into the color caves and tells Twink and the Sprites to bring all the Color Crystals the Pits. Twink then notices the Rainbow Bot walk through Color Crystals smashing them to bits. This look suspicious, but he passes it off as coincidence.

As the fake Rainbow leaves Moonglow and Nite Sprite come to collect colored sprinkles for keeping the night colorful. They notice the Rainbow decoy and are fooled.

"We have to work fast, Moonglow!"

but when Nite Sprite squeaks a reply, Rainbow Bot doesn't know what he said, due to the fact that Murky didn't program the robot with "Sprite Speak". The robot tells them to again take all the Color Crystals to the Pits. In the middle of talking the robot winds down and can no longer speak. Murky uses an intercom to continue speaking for the robot, and while it looks suspicious, Moonglow is also convinced based on her trust of Rainbow Brite. She and all the Sprites take the crystals to the Pits.

When they return the real Rainbow asks where the crystals are. Twink and Moonglow explain that that they did what she told them. Rainbow sends Twink back to the caves to collect more crystals. She must go to the Pits and get the crystals back, but as we all know Rainbow's power do not work in the Pits.

While Rainbow plans on how to get to the pits, Twink runs to the color caves and into Red Butler on the way. Red asks where he is going in such a hurry, he replies "I've got to get more Color Crystals for Rainbow!"

Murky and Lurky over hear this from their hiding place. They know he is going back to the color caves, and need to hurry back to stop him with their decoy. They tear off through Rainbow Land as fast as they can. Twink runs up to the Color Caves but just as he is about to enter the robot Rainbow tells him to STOP, for she has changed her mind and wants them taken to the Pits.

Twink is now even more confused and frustrated. But the robot runs down again, Murky throws a rock to the back of the Rainbow Brite robot making it work.

But while this is happening the REAL Rainbow Brite sees what Murky has done. She sees the fake Rainbow Brite, and she and Starlite come up with a plan to trick him. Starlite will keep the robot Rainbow busy, while Rainbow Brite stops the Sprites from sending out Star Sprinkles to the Pits.

When Murky and Lurky see the real Starlite get "fooled" by the fake Rainbow Bot, they dance with joy that the plan is working. But the robot has already "frozen" 3 times because of problems, Murky can't follow her into the caves with Starlite so he hides and hopes the robot functions correctly.

Inside the caves Rainbow explains to the Sprites that it's a trick. When the Sprites see Starlite appear with the fake Rainbow they see what the trick has been. Starlite explains he fooled them, and they do not suspect that the fake Rainbow isn't working. The Real Rainbow Brite and Sprites remove the fake Rainbow and discover she is made of metal.

"She's the only thing Murky ever built that worked!" Starlite exclaims.

"I bet he thinks it still working" she replies and forms a plan to fool him back. She gets Star Sprinkles from Twink and tells the Sprites to use the lower exit of the caves, get the Color Kids and get the Color Crystals back from the Pits"

Then she and Starlite leave the Color Cave, Murky assuming it is still his robot, dances with glee. Starlite lets her off and Rainbow Brite tells Starlite to leave, so Murky will come out of hiding.

Murky walks out expecting to wind his toy up for more gloomy fun when he realizes the key in the back of her head is NOT there!

The trick is over. Rainbow Brite does what the Rainbow Bot cannot, and sends a rainbow to chase Murky and Lurky away. They run, climb in the Grunge Buggy and back to the Pits.

When everyone returns to Rainbow Land, Twink asks how they can tell she is real? So she makes a rainbow.

The new rainbow streams across Rainbow Land and Rainbow Brite, Starlite and Twink race across it.

The End

Closing Credits


1: This episode did not have a title screen.

2: The original American release of this episode removed the "rock throwing" scene due to violence. It was available in all other foreign releases.

3: Canary Yellow is seen at the beginning, Stormy and Skydancer are seen at the very end of this episode, but do not speak. You also see Kitty Brite in this episode.

4: Lala Orange and Shy Violet are not in this episode at all.


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