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Voiced by Robbie Lee
Sprite Hammy


Official Descriptions

Indigo's ambition is to be a famous actress, and she spends her life 'on stage', rehearsing and reciting lines from famous plays, and wearing very imaginative costumes! She and her sprites in the Indigo Acres are rather dramatic and given to dreaming, and Indigo sees herself as a great artist full of drama and emotion. But she does make sure that there is a good supply of indigo Star Sprinkles.

Indigo & Hammy's Names in Other Languages
Language Country Flag Name
Indigo & Hammy/Encore
French (France)
Indigo & P'tit Miam
French (Canada)
Indigo & Cabotin
Nina Nachtigall & Tintentupf
Spanish (Spain/Mexico)
Añil & Hammy
Indachella & Folleto Indaco


Color Kid Indigo

Some people wonder what the name of Indigo's sprite is. In the US he was called "Hammy", while in the UK he was known as "Encore".

Indigo Acres

Indigo Acres is where Indigo and her Sprites mine for indigo Star Sprinkles. The land is touched indigo with many indigo plants, and in addition to making such a rich color to the indigo plant and the deep indigo of ripe grapes, she also provides the deep indigo blue of the night sky to make sure it is as beautiful and deeply colored as the bright blue day sky.

Indigo's Story: Indigo Writes a Play

indigo Doll Booklet

Indigo was very excited when she dropped in to visit Canary Yellow. "I’ve written a wonderful play and I want all the Color Kids to be in it. Especially you," Indigo added happily.

"Wonderful!" exclaimed Canary Yellow, who was always enthusiastic about everything. "I hope I can learn my part on time."

"Oh, you won’t be saying much," said indigo. "Since I’ve had so much acting experience, I’ll be doing most of the talking. See you at rehearsal."

Indigo spent the rest of the afternoon going around telling all the Color Kids about the play. None of them seemed very excited. In fact, when the time came for the rehearsal no one but Indigo showed up! Poor Indigo. She couldn’t understand why everyone had let her down.

Fortunately, Rainbow Brite had heard about Indigo’s play. She came to try and straighten things out just as Indigo was thinking about giving up acting forever.

"I just don’t understand it," cried indigo. "I worked so hard writing this play and now nobody wants to be in it."

"Maybe you need just a little help in rewriting your play." said Rainbow Brite. "I’ll be glad to do what I can."

Rainbow Brite and Indigo worked hard rewriting so that everyone had important parts to play. The next day when Indigo presented the new improved version to the Color Kids, they were all enthusiastic.

This time when rehearsals began, everyone showed up on time and did their best to make the play a success.

On opening night, when the Color Kids peeked through the curtains they saw Rainbow Brite, Starlite, Twink and all the sprites in the audience. Indigo’s sprite, Hammy, was especially anxious for the play to begin.

Canary Yellow gave a very good performance. She played the part of a young girl who was struggling to become a dancer.

Red Butler gave all his energies to the part of a timid boy who became a hero. And Patty O’Green played her role perfectly, without even one practical joke!

But the big surprise of the evening was Indigo. Her part had been cut to only a few lines. But she spoke them with so much feeling that she captured everyone’s attention whenever she was on stage.

When the final curtain came down, the audience applauded happily for each of the performers. But Indigo received the most applause of all.

All the sprites, especially Hammy, clapped and whistled and jumped up and down. "Speech! Give us a speech," shouted Starlite. All the Color Kids were applauding her, too.

"I just want to thank you all," said Indigo. "And a special thanks to Rainbow Brite because she taught me that you don‘t need all the lines to have a good part. If you really love to act - and I do - even a small part can be exciting and challenging. It’s the most fun of all to share the spotlight with friends."

Then the applause began again and Red Butler brought Indigo a big bouquet of his special red roses.

"Here’s to Indigo," he said. "Our favorite little actress who proved tonight that she knows how to be a really big star!"

~ Indigo Doll Booklet 1985

Indigo (Feeln)

 • Cloudy with a chance of Gloom
 • The Ring's the Thing
 • Operation Sparkle Color Explosion

Has a flare for the dramatic. She's constantly putting herself in other people's shoes, perhaps a little too well. She has a tendency to over-exaggerate things (every untied shoelace is the BIGGEST. CRISIS. EVER.) ~ Description Via RainbowBrite.Com (2015)[1]

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