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Welcome to File:Starseed.gif‎WikiBriteFile:Starseed.gif‎ – the Rainbow Brite Wiki

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Did you know...

  • Early Concept pictures show Starlite was brown/tan before they decided to make him white.
  • Rainbow Brite's look was defined by Hallmark Artist G.G. Santiago

According to Jeanne Slater, the creator of Lurky, there was a big team of very talented artists working on Rainbow. Pretty much all the products were created simultaneously so they needed to train a lot of people in G.G.'s style. But you can always tell when G.G. illustrated her Vs. Gerry Oliveira and Mary Lou Faltico and Sue Tague. Everyone took their cue from G.G..

Featured Article

File:Starseed.gif‎ Baby Brite and the Sphere of Light: The voice of the Sphere of Light and Baby Brite are both "uncredited", however through an interview with BriteCast, voice actress Mona Marshall confirmed her voice as the Female voice that brings Rainbow to Rainbow Land. The voice of Baby Brite, which consists of gurgles, coos and cries was reviled to be Patrick Fraley in the Documentary "I Know That Voice" in which he demonstrated his "baby voices".

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