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Episode : 7
Language | Name
Murky's Mamma
Il primo giorno di primavera
Murkes Mamma
Written by: Howard R Cohen
Production Company: D.I.C. Audiovisuel
Release Date: 01/24/1987 [1]
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Murky Dismal's mother arrives for an unexpected visit in MOM. He tries to trick her into helping him make Rainbow Land gloomy, but Murky's Mom knowns what's best - she decides to help Rainbow Brite send Murky back to The Pits instead.

Full Summary: Mom

It's the first day of spring. Everything is well, but Murky is planning on getting his Misery Machine working and destroy Rainbow Land.

While over looking over Rainbow Land Rainbow Brite sees a large flying Winnebago lands, and a woman who looks a lot like Murky Dismal gets out, surprising her.

Back in the Pits, Murky is working on his Misery Machine, but a sudden door bell goes off, and Murky works fast at his machine trying to get it ready. Lurky runs to answer the door.

When he opens the door, he sees the same large woman. She tosses her bags at him and enters the Pits. When Murky screams for Lurky, the woman's smiles. "There's my son!"

"Murkwell!" she says and hugs him.

It's Murky's mother, Mrs. Dismal.

Mrs Dismal says Murky never amounted to anything as she thought, and insults his house. Murky says Lurky is his servant, and that he doesn't live there, he lives in the Color Castle.

When he sees Rainbow leave Rainbow Land, he plans to take over. Mrs Dismal talks about decorating his house with colors, which makes Murky cringe...

then the truth behind Murky's hate comes out. When he was a baby he loved colors. When he was playing with paints and colors one day he messed up the walls of his mother's house. In a rage she forced the baby Murky to clean off all the colors.

"If it takes you all day, if it takes you the rest of your life!"

So Murky hated colors from that day forward. The adult Murky still cringes at the memory.

Murky tells his mother they will go for a car ride instead of cleaning right now. Murky grabs a bucket of his gloom from his Misery machine and they leave to the Color Castle.

In Rainbow Land the Color Kids and Sprites are relaxing when the grunge buggy barrels in, and they all run and hide.

Murky claims the Color Castle his his house and enters it, scaring all the kids out.

While his mother marvels and the castle, Murky takes the Star Sprinkles and dips them into the bucket from the Pits. It turns the Star Sprinkles into Misery Sprinkles and charges the Color Console with gloomy energy causing a musk of thick gloom to come out of the top of the Color Castle instead of the rainbow.

The kids sneak in and see what they are doing, and switch his misery water with real water, and this causes the color console to erupt with colors instead of gloom. Murky is out of sprinkles, so he sends his mother out into Rainbow Land to get some Star Sprinkles.

The kids give her all they can and when he puts them in the machine it erupts with color, signaling Rainbow Brite.

When Rainbow Brite returns to Rainbow Land she sees Murky in the Color Castle.

Murky tries to stop the colors and his mother fusses at him, but when Rainbow comes in he runs back to the Pits. Mrs Dismal won't let her son get away with his behavior and insists Rainbow Brite take her with them to the Pits.

In the Pits he hides and Rainbow returns with his mother. His mother gets off Starlite and starts to beat him with a duster. He whines like a small child, and his gloom machine breaks and pours them all with goo, but Rainbow Brite washes it with a rainbow and turns it into water.

Mrs Dismal says she hopes this will teach him a lesson, and Rainbow Brite asks if Mrs Dismal would like to stay in Rainbow Land. She says she won't, she will be going home but first she needs to talk to Murky.

And Rainbow goes back to Rainbow Land leaving Murky to deal with his mom.

The End

Closing Credits


1: Murky's mother calls him "Murkwell" which is similar to the name "Maxwell".

2: Murky has 4 fingers, but his mother has 5 fingers.

3: The Italian name translate to "The First Spring Day" rather then the literal translation from English.

4: This episode breaks many previously established Rainbow Land histories:

  • It ages Murky with giving him a mother, but because of The Monstromurk Menace we know Murky is over 700 years old.
  • Rainbow Brite is able to use her Color Belt in the Pits, but in all other episodes, she can't.
  • It shows a sympathetic side to Murky Dismal who was in fact traumatized into hating color by his mother who made him clean up colors he had painted on the wall as a punishment.


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