Murky's Comet

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Murky's Comet
Murky's Comet
Episode : 11
Language | Name
Murky's Comet
La Comète de Grismine
Murky's Komet
Ein Komet für Grummel Griesgram
La cometa di Murky
Written by: Felicia Maliani
Production Company: D.I.C. Audiovisuel
Release Date: 02/21/1987
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MURKY'S COMET threatens to destroy Rainbow Land. Murky strikes a bargain with a sorcerer to create a comet to destroy Rainbow Land. But his plan goes awry and he must ask Rainbow Brite for help.

Full Summary: Murky's Comet

It's the Flower Festival!

Sprites decorate Sprite cars with fresh blooms, the Color Kids practice music, Tickled Pink twirls her batons and Rainbow Brite is high in the Color Castle watching them. She is testing out the new telescope Shy Violet invented so they can see where color is needed from home.

While looking Rainbow notices a flying object pass the view, but ignores it for the time being and goes to make sure Starlite is decorated for the parade.

They need a grand marshal for the parade and Starlite nominates Brian: the only person on Earth who can see Rainbow Brite and has been to Rainbow Land. He has protected Rainbow Land from gloom with Rainbow and the others before and everyone agrees that he would be a great grand marshal for the parade. Since time is growing short Rainbow and Starlite race across the rainbow to earth to fetch him before the parade starts.

On a ledge in the Pits, Lurky is also looking through Murky's telescope at the lovely flowers in Rainbow Land and dances with glee. Murky however is not happy. He hates flowers, they make hims sick. Lurky feels Murky's forehead for a fever. “Not flu sick, marshmallow brain! Disgusted sick! Now help me get back to tuning up my spaceship.”

Meanwhile a wizard in the flying object from earlier is frustrated looking at his map. He appears to be lost and on a schedule. “I'm going to be late for my mechanical spells convention. What else could go wrong!” and suddenly his controls begin to short out and lose power. He looks out of his window to see where to land and notices Murky's space ship. Figuring it is what he will need he lands in the Pits.

Murky is tinkering away and says if he had one wish it would be a way to destroy the color caves. As they work the wizard's ship crashes behind them. Like a genie from a bottle the wizard flops out. Lurky comments that maybe this could be the answer to his wish.

The wizard takes his genie appearance into consideration and asks what Murky's wish is!

"I am Sorrel the sorcerer! The wisest of all sorcerers!"

Murky isn't convinced that the wizard has any powers and Sorrel turns him into a toad...but turns him into a DUCK instead. The helpless Murky Duck waddles around. Sorrel, sure that his power has been establish turns him back in to Murky Dismal.

Then he says what his wish is: "Destroy Rainbow Land's color cave".

Sorrel says he will if they can get him the parts to make his ship work again, and he will destroy the cave.

“But your a sorcerer. Why can't you fix your spacecraft yourself?”

Sorrel was on his way to learn this when his spaceship stopped working. He is an old fashion sorcerer, preferring a magic carpet over flying ships. However his society insists on changing with the times.

He deducts that if they create a comet to crashing to the cave. But how will he make a comet? With an Evil Rainbow. Sorrel explains that he will make a comet from a Evil Rainbow, but warns that inside every Evil Rainbow is a Good Rainbow, and if the Evil Rainbow comes in contact with an Good Rainbow it too will turn good and the comet will be no more.

Murky laughs with excitement at the thought of destroying the color cave, and agrees.

Sorrel then instruct them on what he will need to make his spell work:

All these items are found in Rainbow Land, but Murky whines that he doesn't like going to Rainbow Land. Murky and Lurky hide the Grunge Buggy under some weeds and decorations, to hide in the parade, but Sorrel makes it it a full flower covered buggy and they travel to Rainbow Land.

Murky gets the water from the rainbow river, then gets some red Color Crystals from the Color Cave. He then chases the sprites in the mine to collect the fur only to miss and stumble down the Color Crystal coaster to the back of the color castle. Figuring chasing a Sprite won't work, they decide to sneak up on an unlucky blue Sprite and snatch a hand full of blue fur from the poor boys tush.

Back in the Pits, Sorrel has Murky mix the ingredient together, and out from the Pits rises a gloomy Evil Rainbow, which dives into a massive back hole and forms a giant comet that shoots back out of the black hole and barrels back towards Rainbow Land.

Sorrel says the comet will hit by noon. Murky and Lurky dance with glee. Sorrel, sick of dealing with the stupidity turns Lurky into a mouse....but really a toad. With the Lurky toad hopping around the Pits Sorrel turns his attention to Murky. Murky asks for Murky to be changed back, so that they can hunt for the parts that he needs.

Back in Rainbow Land Kitty Brite and Puppy Brite see the comet coming toward Rainbow Land through Violet's new telescope and they run to get the Color Kids and show them. The kids run to the "Rainbow Alarm" (The Color Console). Once the alarm is sent Shy Violet calculates the remaining time to impact is noon, which doesn't leave much time for Rainbow to return.

Meanwhile Brian is with Rainbow and the rainbow starts to shake, knowing there is a problem Starlite runs faster to Rainbow Land.

In the Pits, Sorrel climbs into the ship Murky and Lurky have fixed and leaves. To him, the job is done and it is now time to continue on his way.

After he has left, Lurky notices the comet is large, and that it will destroy not only the color caves, but all of Rainbow Land, including the Pits. Murky screams and runs to his ship, only to realize it is where Lurky got the parts for Sorrel's spacecraft. With his spaceship stripped, Murky's only choice is to STOP the comet with a good rainbow, and for that, he needs Rainbow Brite's Color Belt.

They return to Rainbow Land, where the sprites are running about in fear, and Rainbow is trying to figure out how to stop the comet which is coming closer.

The Grunge Buggy race past Rainbow and sure enough, Murky snatch the belt from her waist. However, as they try to get away Lurky pressed the gas peddle through the floor, stopping the Grunge Buggy. With the the Buggy no longer running away, Rainbow walks up to the buggy and gets her belt back.

Lurky looks at Murky and asks what they are going to do, because the only way to stop the comet is with a Good Rainbow. Rainbow agrees and puts her belt back on. She looks up to the comet, and touches her belt creating a Good Rainbow. The Good Rainbow shoots up into the sky and touches the comet. The comet then bursts into colors and streams sparkles down upon the crowd below.

With Rainbow Land saved, the Flower Festival continues on schedule. And as punishment Murky and Lurky are put into a crate and forced to throw orange flowers to the crowds during the parade. Murky considers this the worst punishment he's ever been given.

The End

Closing Credits


1: The opening shows Canary Yellow and Patty O'Green playing different instruments then what you see them playing during the parade.

2: Voice actor Andre Stojka, who plays the voice of Starlite, also played the voice of the Sorcerer Sorrel in this episode.

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