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Patrick Fraley
Patrick Fraley
Voice Actor
Character(s)  ☆ Lurky
 ☆ On-X
 ☆ Buddy Blue
 ☆ Brian's Dog
 ☆ Guard
 ☆ Spectran
 ☆ Slurthie
 ☆ Glitterbot
 ☆ Baby Brite


Who is Pat Fraley?

Who is Pat Fraley?

When it comes to voices we heard as children, and even voices our own children hear today, you can bet that among them you will find Pat Fraley.

Rainbow Brite, Ghostbusters, The Littles, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle, Toy Story, Princess Mononoke, and the list keeps GOING.

He isn't afraid to be goofy, nurturing, scary, a voice in the crowd cheering or jeering. He plays the parts, no matter the size and brings life to scenes with his vocal presence.

A talented and vertical Voice Actor, Pat has expanded his influence to those he touches by teaching voice actors today.

If you want to know more about Pat or where he is teaching, please visit his site PatFraley.Com[1]

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