Queen of the Sprites

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Queen of the Sprites
Queen of the Sprites
Episode: 13
Language | Name
Queen of the Sprites
Un cheval venu d'ailleurs
Dronningen over Alvene
Königin der Wichte
La regina dei folletti
Åndarnas Drottning
Written by: Howard R Cohen
Production Company: D.I.C. Audiovisuel
Release Date: 03/07/1987 [1]
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Episode 12  ☆



An evil Princess lands in Rainbow Land and pretends to be the QUEEN OF THE SPRITES. Rainbow Brite's arch enemy forces the Color Kids to stop mining for Color Crystals and mine for diamonds to restore her evil power. Unless Rainbow Brite can stop her before her power returns, all the color in Rainbow Land will disappear, and the evil Princess will reign!

Full Summary: Queen of the Sprites

Night time in Rainbow Land, a mysterious space craft lands and enters the Color Cave without anyone seeing. Puppy Brite barks Rainbow awake, but she disregards his whimpers and goes back to sleep. But outside a the window a yellow star turns gray.

The next day Rainbow leaves to the sky to turn the star bright again.

Twink travels to the Color Caves to request the Sprites keep working. When they say they can't find many he says to go deeper. So the Sprites go deeper into the Color Caves and begin to work.

As they are working a woman appears, dressed in black and jewels. It is the Princess from Spectra. She has come to Rainbow Land because her "Diamond Finder" Count Blogg has said there are diamonds there.

She wants to re-energize the magic jewel that Rainbow Brite destroyed. When the Sprites won't work she tells them she is the Queen of the Sprites and demands they work. When they refuse Count Blogg threatens to turn them into frogs. He takes a Sprite, rushes into a cave and returns with a frog.

The Sprites, convinced they will be turned into frogs if they don't work begin to work.

Back in Rainbow Land the colors are starting to fade. Murky is watching and is happy. He decides to check out what is keeping the Star Sprinkles, and make sure it keeps up!

Twink gets to the caves and sees the Sprites working, but when he sees they are digging diamonds and not Color Crystals the Sprites tell him about the queen, which he denies.

The Sprites see Blogg capture Twink and return with a frog. And they get back to work. Little do they know they aren't really frogs. Twink is actually gagged and tied up.

Murky and Lurky sees this, before he can stop Lurky he tumbles down to the Princess. She recognizes them and asks why they didn't return from capturing Rainbow Brite.

Murky says he can show the Princess where Rainbow lives, and she is actually in Rainbow Land.

She decides to hide until she has regained her power so she can destroy Rainbow Brite.

While the Sprites work, Murky takes the Princess to the Pits. When Rainbow Returns to Rainbow Land, the kids are upset that the Sprites haven't come back with Star Sprinkles yet.

Rainbow goes to the caves to investigate. When she gets in, she notices the Sprites working, but no Twink or Star Sprinkles. The Sprites explain the Princess, the frogs, and Starlite finds the hidden Sprite who was trapped.

The Sprite explains that Blogg and the Princess are in Rainbow Land. Rainbow leaves the cave in great hast to attempt to locate the Princess.

Then she finds his space ship, and Twink is still his captive! In the Pits, The Princess has ranged the jewels on her costume, which she is able to channel the energy to turn things into elements, the same as her power jewel had done.

Out side the pits, Rainbow, Moonglow, Tickled Pink and Buddy Blue are watching. Rainbow's powers don't work in the Pits, but the others are ready to stand behind Rainbow in the Pits and get Twink back.

Rainbow has to convince the Princess to come out of the Pits.

When the Princess controls more elements, it soon wears off and the Princess gets angry.

"Cheap, imitation diamonds!"

She demands more diamonds. Murky and Lurky say they will get them.

Everyone outside sees Murky and Lurky head back to the Color Cave, and plan to get back first.

When they get to the cave the Sprites bring them crates, which they take back to the pits When the Princess opens the crate she marvels at the beauty, but Lurky tells him they are Color Crystals, not diamonds. Murky tells the Princess Lurky is wrong, but even Twink knows they are Color Crystals. They all leave to Rainbow Land. When no one is looking, he unties himself using the edge of a rough crystal.

The Princess goes to Rainbow Land to fight Rainbow Brite, which starts to work, until Rainbow uses her color belt and the crystals work form rainbow, but the Princess. In a large explosion the Princess is knocked back on her ship, which Rainbow sends off into space, away from Rainbow Land.

Twink runs up to Rainbow with the other Sprites, who hug her and claim she is the only Queen of the Sprites they will ever have.

The End

Closing Credits


1: This is the only episode to feature the Princess and Count Blogg outside the feature film Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer.

2: The Princess, instead of having full red hair like in the feature, now has blond streaks on either side.


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