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Rainbow Brite
Rainbow Brite
Voiced by Bettina
Sprite Twink
Horse Starlite
 • Peril in the Pits
 • The Mighty Monstromurk Menace (Part 1)
 • The Mighty Monstromurk Menace (Part 2)
 • The Beginning of Rainbow Land (Part 1)
 • The Beginning of Rainbow Land (Part 2)
 • Invasion of Rainbow Land
 • Mom
 • Rainbow Night
 • Star Sprinkled
 • Chasing Rainbows
 • Murky's Comet
 • A Horse of a Different Color
 • Queen of the Sprites
Feature Film
 • Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer
Live Action Specials
 • It's Your Birthday Party with Rainbow Brite and Friends
 • Rainbow Brite's San Diego Zoo Adventure


Rainbow Brite (1980's)

Although she may be small, her good deeds and the magic she performs with her powerful Color Belt, more than make up for her size! Although full of fun, Rainbow always makes sure her work comes first. She may be enjoying a merry game with her friends, but should a sun-drenched field of wheat be in danger of losing its beautiful yellow color, or a forest of green trees need it's green leaves reviving , Rainbow is there in a thrice providing them with all the color they need. She does this by scattering lots of Star Sprinkles which turn magical in Rainbow's fingers. Rainbow lives in the Color Castle.

The Rainbow Brite Story

In a faraway place, right at the end of the rainbow, there is a magical kingdom where all the colors of the earth are created. The kingdom is called Rainbow Land, and living in this wonderful place is a lovable, creative little girl named Rainbow Brite. She uses the colors of the rainbow to make our world brighter and our hearts lighter.

Rainbow Brite's best friend is a magical flying horse named Starlite. He serves as Rainbow's protector and guardian, and as her swiftest means of transportation.

Rainbow's partners are the Color Kids - seven little people with personalities as varied as the colors of the rainbow. They are responsible for their assigned colors, and for organizing and leading the groups of sprites that match their hues.

The sprites are colorful, happy little workers who mine and manufacture "star sprinkles", the magic crystals which form the colors. The favorite sprite of Rainbow Brite is Twink, a white and furry little bundle of energy who was once a sprite of a different color!

The villains of Rainbow Land are Murky Dismal and Lurky - two nasty creatures who live in a place called The Pits. They hate everything colorful and are always plotting ways to capture Rainbow Brite. They want to use color for trickery and evil doings so that the world will be just as murky and dismal as they are.

Join Rainbow Brite and her forces of color as they challenge the forces of gloom, in a struggle to keep the world bright and colorful, and to keep our hearts hopeful and happy.

~Rainbow Brite Story (1984)

Rainbow Brite's Story: A Very Special Friend

Rainbow Brite's Doll Booklet
Mary Ann got on her brand new bike. She put a foot on one pedal, then one on the other. The bike teetered back and forth and toppled over. Mary Ann sat on the ground crying. She was sad and blue and had some bumps and bruises, too. "It's been a week since I got my new bike," she moaned. "And I still can't ride it! I don't know why I wanted this dumb old bike anyway!" she cried.

Mary Ann went inside. "I can't ride that bike! I can't!" she said as she climbed the stairs to her room. She put on her pajamas and climbed in bed. Hugging her Rainbow Brite doll in her arms, she fell into a troubled sleep.

Rainbow Brite just hated seeing Mary Ann so unhappy. She wriggled out of her arms and climbed up on her pillow. She whispered in the little girl's ear and Mary Ann began to dream. "Where am I?" Mary Ann asked rubbing her eyes.

"In Rainbow Land, of course!" Rainbow Brite smiled. "Just look around you."

Mary Ann couldn't believe her eyes! "It's so beautiful!" she sighed. "But how did I get here?"

"Oh, that doesn't matter," said Rainbow Brite. "What's important is that you are. Come on, I want you to meet someone."

Rainbow Brite led Mary Ann down a colorful trail. A beautiful horse came up and greeted them. "This is Starlite," Rainbow Brite said. "He's my best friend and he's very gentle. Would you like to ride him?"

Mary Ann wanted to ride Starlite very much, but she was afraid. "I don't think I can," she said.

"Oh, don't be silly," answered Rainbow Brite. "Of course you can. All you have to do is really believe you can."

Mary Ann climbed onto Starlite and held onto his mane. Starlite walked very slowly. Then, he went a little faster. "Hey, this isn't so scary!" Mary Ann cried. Soon, Starlite's feet left the ground and the two were flying through the sky!

When they landed, Mary Ann was laughing. "That was wonderful — and I wasn't afraid at all!"

Rainbow Brite gave Mary Ann a big hug. "See! If you really believe in yourself you can do anything!"

When Mary Ann woke up, she was very excited. Her dream had seemed so real! She got dressed, grabbed her Rainbow Brite doll and ran right outside to try her bike. "If I can fly through the sky on a horse, this should be easy!" she exclaimed.

Mary Ann put Rainbow Brite down and got on her bike. It teetered over and she fell to the ground. She got up and tried again. Kerplop! She fell again but she kept on trying and on her third try, she did it! "I knew I could! I knew I could!" she shouted. "All I had to do was believe in myself!"

Rainbow Brite just smiled.

~ Rainbow Brite's Doll Booklet 1984

Rainbow Brite's Story: Positive Thinking to the Rescue

Rainbow Brite's Doll Booklet
It was a lovely spring morning, and Rainbow Brite and Twink sprite were up bright and early. They had so much to do!

Rainbow Brite looked over her long list of jobs. "First we'll color the meadows," she said. "We must make sure that they are luscious and beautiful."

"...and dotted with wildflowers!" added Twink, as he skipped happily along.

"Yes, wildflowers of every color." Rainbow Brite smiled and made an addition to her list. "What a wonderful idea."

Happy little Twink bounded so high that he shook the leaves of a tree branch overhead.

"Oh yes...and we mustn’t forget the trees!" Rainbow Brite concentrated on her list again. "We’ll work on those next. Let's see, we’ll need pink blossoms for the cherry trees, white for the magnolias, purple for. . . "

"Help! HELP!"‘

Rainbow Brite looked up just in time to see Lurky swoop up Twink in his giant butterfly net.

"Well done, Lurky!" Murky Dismal bellowed. "Now..." he glared at Rainbow Brite, "Come with me or the sprite is mine...FOREVER!"

Twink trembled with fear as Lurky loaded him onto the Grunge Buggy.

"With you in my power," Murky Dismal said to Rainbow Brite, "I shall make sure springtime never comes again. No more cheerful trees and flowers to depress me, no more disgusting blue skies or yellow sunshine. No more anything!" Murky Dismal laughed menacingly.

"Don’t give in to him, Rainbow Brite!" cried brave little Twink. "You mustn't give in!"

Rainbow Brite knew that she had to think positively. She shut her eyes and thought, "There must be a way out of this."

And then, in a flash, it came to her. Rainbow Brite took a huge handful of green Star Sprinkles from her pocket. As she passed them through her fingertips, they began to shimmer and glow. Quickly she tossed the Star Sprinkles all over herself from head to toe until she blended perfectly with the trees and grass around her.

"Hey! Where’d she go?" Murky Dismal glowered at Lurky.

"G-g-g-g-gosh, boss. I don‘t know," Lurky stammered, forgetting all about his net as he peered behind some bushes.

"Drat! She‘s DISAPPEARED!" Murky Dismal looked confused.

Just then, Twink felt the net being lifted off of him. Next, he was lifted magically from the Grunge Buggy as if by thin air.

"Don’t worry," whispered the invisible Rainbow Brite, "it’s me."

Murky Dismal was astounded to see Twink vanishing down the green path in mid-air. "You bumbling fool!" he screamed at Lurky. "Now we've lost them both!"

Just as Rainbow Brite crossed the bridge into Rainbow Land, the green color faded from her hair, skin and clothes so that she became visible again.

"Gosh, Twink, that was a close one!" Rainbow Brite sighed as she hugged her little friend.

Twink grinned. "I knew you’d think of a way out." And he bounced up just high enough to wave to a passing bluebird.

"It just goes to show," smiled Rainbow Brite, "that a little positive thinking really can make troubles disappear!"

Then the two set off to finish bringing all the colors of spring to Rainbow Land.

~ Rainbow Brite's Doll Booklet 1985


Once upon a time a little girl named Wisp came to a dark and dismal land filled with fantastic creatures and great peril. Upon looking over the world she saw that not all creatures were mean, or vicious, and that there were others like her who loved color. Among them was Twink, a white sprite and Starlite, a magical horse. Together they discovered the color belt, a magical belt that gave the wearer the power of all colors. With the help of her new found friends she was able to rescue the color kids, children who were in charge of individual colors, and sprites, the furry funny creatures who assisted them in their work. Many forces were against them during that dark time, lead by the King of Shadows. He commanded Murky Dismal, and his assistant Lurky to defeat this small menace, but were out witted. With the King of Shadows gone forever, Murky and Lurky hid in the dark corners of the land, known as the Pits. And with no shadow to darken the lands, Rainbow Land was restored, and the little girl christen Rainbow Brite, defender of color.

Rainbow Brite Characteristics

Rainbow Brite's costume represents all colors of the rainbow: a blue dress, red belt, and white accents, with Red, orange, yellow, green, blue and purple sleeve rings, and matching boots. Rainbow herself is covered in stars, with a star on her color belt, the cuffs of her dress, her hair bow, shoes, and the purple star on her cheek.

Rainbow Brite's Early Development

Wisp and Twink Sprite
Dancer Style Rainbow Brite By G.G. Santiago
Space Style Rainbow Brite

The character of Rainbow Brite was originally a "forest spirit" named Wisp in 1982. As the character developed behind the scenes at Hallmark her character's name and costume changed. The character's focus moved from nature to colors.

Her costume also evolved changing to adorable moon boots with matching dress, but her color belt came later. The Color Kids also evolved to the characteristics they have today.

Hallmark Artist G.G. Santiago developed Rainbow Brite's final looks.

According to Jeanne Slater, the creator of Lurky, there was a big team of very talented artists working on Rainbow. Pretty much all the products were created simultaneously so they needed to train a lot of people in G.G.'s style. But you can always tell when G.G. illustrated her Vs. Gerry Oliveira and Mary Lou Faltico and Sue Tague. Everyone took their cue from G.G..

Rainbow Brite's Name in Other Languages
Language Country Flag Name
Rainbow Brite
French (France)
French (Canadian)
Regina Regenbogen
Spanish (Spain)
Spanish (Mexico)
Arco Iris

Rainbow Brite(25th Anniversary)

Rainbow Brite
Rainbow Brite
25th Anniversary
Voiced by Jean Kang
Sprite Twinkle
Horse Starlite
 • Return to Rainbow Land
 • Rainbow Brite

Every world needs a hero ... and in Rainbow Land, that hero is Rainbow Brite. With the help of her friends, her magnificent horse Starlite, and her magical Color Belt and Star Scepter, Rainbow Brite travels to the far corners of the universe, bringing hope and happiness to everyone she meets. No matter where you are, you can always count on Rainbow Brite to make your heart a little lighter and your world a little more colorful!

~ from RainbowBrite.Com (2009)[1]

The NEW Rainbow Brite Story (2009)

The official website for Rainbow Brite, www.RainbowBrite.Com was launched October 5th 2009. With it the continuing story of Rainbow Brite.

Not so very long ago, a little girl name Wisp appeared in a colorless and unhappy world. Through courage, kindness and friendship, Wisp became Rainbow Brite and transformed the unhappy world to Rainbow Land, a magical place where all the colors in the universe are created.

Now, Rainbow Brite is one of Rainbow Land’s four Sky Powers, characters whose magical powers determine the cycles of Rainbow Land’s days and seasons. With the help of her friends, her magnificent horse Starlite, and her magical Color Belt and Star Scepter, Rainbow Brite travels to the far corners of the universe, bringing hope and happiness to everyone she meets. No matter where you are, you can always count on Rainbow Brite to make your heart a little lighter and your world a little more colorful!

~ from RainbowBrite.Com (2010)

With the launch of the new website a mini episode was also released to explain why Rainbow Brite has been missing.

From the webisode Return to Rainbow Land it is shown that Rainbow Brite was once a little girl from Earth, who missed her family and returned for a brief visit. This visit was extended when somehow the Dark Princess erased the memory of Rainbow Land from the little girl's mind. Years later Rainbow Land is again in peril as the Dark Princess has taken over and trapped all the colors inside the color castle. Puppy Brite and Starlite leave Rainbow Land to Earth to find the little girl once called Rainbow Brite and remind her who she is and that Rainbow Land needs her once again!

Rainbow Brite(Feeln)

Rainbow Brite
Rainbow Brite
Voiced by Emily Osment
Sprite Mr Glitters
Horse Starlite
 • Cloudy with a chance of Gloom
 • The Ring's the Thing
 • Operation Sparkle Color Explosion

Rainbow is a “Sentinel of Light” - a guardian of light and color endowed with magical powers to protect Rainbow Land and bring color to all the corners of the universe. A girl of indeterminable age, perhaps 8 or 9 years old. Old enough tor ride a horse on rainbows, but young enough to think that’s THE COOLEST THING EVER!

~ from RainbowBrite.Com (2015)[2]
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