Rainbow Brite's San Diego Zoo Adventure

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Rainbow Brite's San Diego Zoo Adventure
Rainbow Brite's San Diego Zoo Adventure
Special: Live Action
Written by: Ann Fox
Released January/28/1987
Producer Ancore Productions



Pete and Tracy are on their way to their weekly animal class at the San Diego Zoo when they notice something strange; all the spots on the Spotted Jaguar are gone. Something is happening to all the colors! It looks like a job for Rainbow Brite. Little do Pete and Tracy know it's all part of Murky Dismal's dastardly plot to capture Rainbow Brite and take her magical color belt. Join Rainbow Brite, Pete and Tracy and all the San Diego Zoo animals for a terrific adventure filled with music, action, songs, and fun!


Perfect Day for the Zoo (Main Theme)
Perfect Day for the Zoo (Reprise)
Can you do what the animals do?
The De-gouz-a-phone Chant
Perfect Day for the Zoo (End Reprise)

Full Credits

Production Executive

Charles Kaufman


Burt Arnowitz


Ann Fox

Charabia, Inc.

Music and Lyrics

Benjamin Goldstein
Peter Fish

On-Line Editors

Jim Farney
Tim Schaller


Kevin Osgood


Danielle Decker

Costumed Characters:

Rainbow Brite:

Sandra Conally


Rosemarie Thornton

Murky Dismal:

Anna Ponce DeLeone


Frankie Godinez


Lucille Bliss

Casting Director

Peter Fox

Assistant Director

Marla McGuire

Assistant Camera

Tony Jensen

Sound Mixer

Paul Fabrinri


Mike Kantrowitz

Playback Sound

Don Hale

Prop Designer

Nadine Nakanishi

Wardrobe & Makeup

Paula Guenon

Production Assistants

David Tack
Shari Demulling
Maria Vitakis
Kerri Daniels
Dan Fox
Liz Bacca

Production Coordinator

Wendy Tompkins

Production Advisor

Laura Miller

Fond Operator

Steve Fox

Paintbox Artist

Jody Miller

Character Costumes

Shafton, Inc.

Special Thanks to

Dr. William Halsey
Dr. Craig Dever
Linda Singer

For the San Diego Zoo:

Georgeanne Irvine
Chris Peterson

For Hallmark Cards, Inc.

Dan Drake
Jim McDowell
Elizabeth Peters
Julie Mulder

For the Children's Video Library:

Executive Producer
C.J. Kettler

Production Executive

Angela Cifone

Production Assistant

Lisa Batsu

Business Manager

Neil Friedman

Production & Post Production Provided by



1: Why do you hear Bettina's voice speaking, but not singing?

Because the production company who created the "Live Action" movies was not the same as the one that worked on the television show or records. They did NOT know Bettina could sing. When they did find out, the production was over and it was too late to re-record. It is unknown WHO the singer in the Videos are.

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