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Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer
Star Stealer Movie Title
Production Company: Warner Brothers
Release Date: November 15 1985
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Movie Story

On a dark planet far from Earth, a young spoiled Princess scolds an elderly Sprite. The Princess, it seems wants to own the planet the Sprite is from. When he tries to tell her that she cannot own his planet, the Princess becomes enraged. The old Sprite attempts to stop the Princess himself, by going after the jewel on a pedestal. The jewel is magical, and it is how the Princess commands her court. Seeing the Sprite run to the pedestal, she waves her arm and a shock of energy passes from her fingers, through the jewel and pushes the the Sprite away. When her guards enter, she orders he be put in prison. However before he does he asks to speak to his horse.

Meanwhile: In Rainbow Land everyone is getting ready for the first day of spring. The Sprites work in the Color Caves, and the Color Kids get up and go to wake Rainbow Brite. She awakens and colors Rainbow Land fresh with new color, and leaves to Earth to bring Spring.

In the Pits, Murky is also getting ready for spring. He intends to make it never come again by using his new machine, “the Super Gloom Boomer”. However when the machine gets away from Murky and his assistant Lurky and rolls toward Rainbow Land, the two of them have to go after it.

Meanwhile Rainbow Brite, Starlite and Twink take a stop in the Storm Clouds above Earth. It is time for their annual race with Stormy, the little girl who controls the storms and winter rains. She gets to play often during the winter months bringing rain and snow to Earth.

And this year she doesn't want to end her playtime. Together with her horse Skydancer, they race Rainbow Brite through the Storm Clouds. If Rainbow Brite catches up to them, then spring will come, but if she can out run them, it will stay winter. But no horse in the universe can out run Starlite, who quickly over takes the pair and they leave past the storm clouds to Earth. Stormy and Skydancer accept their defeat and the warm air softens Skydancer's frozen breath.

On Earth things aren't much better. The land is still thick with snow and cold. Brian, Rainbow Brite's Earthling friend is riding his bicycle. Suddenly he slips on some ice, but a rainbow appears and slows the boy before he can crash. He looks up smiling, happy to see her.

Rainbow Brite sends a rainbow to the thick of snow, but it doesn't melt. Puzzled they decide to head to Rainbow Land and see what could be happening to stop the snow from melting.

Back in the Pits, Murky and Lurky return with his new machine. Unfortunately they stumble and fall off down the hill. When they stand they see a shooting star fall from the sky and crash in the Pits. Curious to what fell, they go to investigate.

A metal horse rises from the hole, and robotic-ly asks for Rainbow Brite. At first Murky tries to pass himself off as her, but the horse is not fooled. When they ask him about he wants her for, the horse replies that it's about a diamond. Murky, greedy as ever tells the horse exactly where Rainbow Land is. This puzzles Lurky who is used to him trying NOT to help Rainbow Brite. When the horse leaves, he explains that he is going to find out what the message is, and get the diamond for himself.

In Rainbow Land the Sprites call to the Color kids that a flying horse is in Rainbow Land, but when they look and see it isn't Starlite they get alarmed. They go toward the horse, says in a stuttered reply that he needs “Rainbow Brite”

Rainbow appears and they go to the horse. The horse examines her, and approves that she is the correct contact.

“I am On-X. Push Button.” he says, stuttering.

Rainbow Brite looks at the button blinking on his chest with caution.

While she gets a close look, Murky and Lurky get a closer listen from the edge of Rainbow Land with his spy-phone, a strange megaphone device that amplifies the talking from below so he can hear it.

On-X continues his warning. “Spectra in danger!”

Rainbow Brite knows what Spectra is. It's the diamond planet. The light of the universe passes through it. It is what gives life to the universe, and gives the color it's power. Without the “light of life” everything will die.

On-X tries to continue his message, but a lighted section of his mane is not syncing with the rest as he attempts to speak. It is causing him to stutter. Rainbow Brite presses the piece back into place and he is able to continue his message. “Orin says only hope is Rainbow Brite.”

Rainbow Brite has only heard of Orin in the stories Sprites tell each other at bedtime. She thought he was a made up character, but Twink insists he is a real person.

Rainbow Brite agrees to go. She tells Twink to stay and mind the color caves, in which Stormy appears and asks to help too. Rainbow accepts her assistance and leaves for Spectra.

In the Pits, Murky and Lurky board Murky's own space ship he as created. Lurky quickly packs a lunch, crashes the Grunge Buggy into the back of the ship, and they take off.

Far in the depths of space Rainbow Brite follows On-X to Spectra. It looks brilliant in color, but only half of the light is shining through. Upon closer inspection she discovers it is in fact covered by a large net. The net is being woven by hypnotized Spectran Sprites. They are being hypnotized by large robots called Glitterbots. The Glitterbots have large gems on the top of their heads which shocks unsuspecting Sprites, making them mindless drones hypnotized into doing nothing but sit and weave rope.

When Rainbow Brite and Starlite attempt to untie the rope, the Glitterbots attack, chasing the heroes around Spectra. It is difficult for them to run because the slick surface of Spectra is so well polished, thanks to the Spectran Sprites that Starlite slides mercilessly around. In a bit of luck they hide and attempt to find Orin, but he is nowhere to be found. On-X says they need to find Krys, but they don't know where to find him either.

In a quick getaway from the Glitterbots, Rainbow Brite and Starlite pretend to weave rope. At first their plan works. The Glitterbots merely dispenses more rope to be woven and move on, until they see that Rainbow isn't weaving a net. She is weaving a set of booties. The Glitterbot charges his gem to hypnotize her, but as he shoots, On-X interferes, bouncing the ray from his shiny body back into the gem, hypnotizing the Glitterbots themselves.

Rainbow Brite quickly puts the booties on Starlite's hooves despite his vocal protests and they run away. They don't get too far before they come to a large gray river. They jump into the river, but realize despite it's liquid appearance it is thick, and Starlite can't swim in it. Getting Rainbow Brite to a small boat, Starlite tries to push her to safely, but she will not leave him. He jumps in the boat too, as the Glitterbots enter the river, blasting at them, but because of the river's depth, they miss them.

Rainbow attempts to row away only to realize there are no ores to row with. On-X comes to the rescue turning on his boosters/hooves and speeding the boat down the river, which grows wilder and wilder until it reaches a large falls. Rainbow attempts to create a rainbow to save them, but the star sprinkles fall from her hands and do nothing in the thick mist. On-X pushes as hard as his booster will allow and eventually is able to lift the boat against his neck and lift them up. They fly away, but gravity takes over soon after and the boat plummets.

When they open their eyes they see they are not hurt and get out of the crumbled remains of the boat. Just as they walk away they hear a young boy shouting threats from inside a glitter dome house. When he comes out of the house On-X exclaims his name. “Krys!”

Krys asks where Orin is and On-X explains he had sent him to Rainbow Land to get Rainbow Brite, and that was who he was in front of. Disgusted by the thought of being helped by a girl, Krys does his best to insult her and stress that he doesn't need her help. Rainbow Brite isn't so easily discouraged and insists she has come to help and she will.

Krys informs her that the Princess, and her plans. When Rainbow insists they stop her, Krys dares her to say it to the Princess. She says she will and they all leave to the Princesses planet.

Meanwhile another ship has crashed into the Spectra surface. It is Murky Dismal and Lurky. The Spectra Sprites fuss about the scratching of the surface, but Murky pays no mind and Lurky works on the Super Gloom Boomer.

At the Princesses planet Rainbow and Krys see the huge Fortress the Princess lives in. Telling their horses to stay behind they walk across the walkway toward the front gate. The Princess, and her advisor Count Blogg see them approaching, and attempt to get rid of them. When she sees they are not easily dissuade, she allows them to enter. In the front lobby they are greeted by many small Castle Creatures.

The Castle Creatures voice ask in unison what they seek. When they tell them they want to speak to the Princess, the creatures reply “no”, and merge together into one massive giant Castle Creature. This beast attacks them, but Rainbow Brite sends a rainbow in to it's face and they run away. The Princess sees Rainbow Brite's power and exclaims that she wants her belt.

As they run away Krys continues to insult Rainbow Brite. “You even need someone to tell you which way to run!”

In which she replies “Some of us aren't used to running away!”

Their sprint ends quickly when a trap door opens and they fall down a long sliding shoot. The Castle Creature also falls down the slide. When they reach the end of the slide both kids are thrown into a large lift. They stand and the lift operates bringing them up, and leaving the Castle Creature to fall down the shaft.

Once the lift stops, Rainbow Brite and Krys are greeted at the door to the Princesses thrown room. “Her highness is expecting you.”

When they enter they see the Princess. She is a tall woman, with bright red hair and rings on every finger. Her whole costume is covered with jewels, and bracelets. She asks them where her present is, for she is always to get a present.

Rainbow Brite and Krys shout at her, that she shouldn't think of presents, and what she is doing to Spectra. She is no more swayed then she was when Orin attempted to tell her the same thing. She asks for Rainbow Brite's belt, and when she refuses to give it to her, she steps towards her magic jewel and zaps her with it, but Rainbow Brite won't give up so easily. She touches her belt, and a rainbow appears. However the rainbow is not strong enough, and she and Krys are knocked unconscious. It is then the Princess removes the belt herself, and orders them removed.

Locked in a jail cell Rainbow Brite and Krys fight about who was right or wrong. Their bickering is stopped when On-X appears and Rainbow tells him to get Starlite. The two horses then discuss a plan to get Rainbow Brite's belt back and get out of there.

The Plan: On-X becomes a diversion, allowing Starlite a chance to sneak in the Fortress and get to the Princesses room. Everything goes well, and despite the obvious design flaws between Horse and lift, he is able to get to the Princess's room, pass her and steal the belt back. The Princess screams in rage as he jumps out the window, giving On-X the Color Belt. Soon as On-X gets the belt he takes it to Rainbow Brite, who forms a rainbow to get them out of the jail cell and off the Princesses Planet.

The Princess does not take defeat easily, and commands her magic jewel take them away. This cause a giant vortex to appear and chase down the heroes, and take them away to her Prison Planet.

They become trapped in small bared cells on tall plateau, but are unable to get away. Starlite falls from the peak, and Rainbow's power is to weak to save him. However he is saved by energy weapons which lower the horse to the ground where he is roped, and tied up. Rainbow calls to her beloved friend, but the warden of this prison planet, Sergeant Zombo, silences her.

He says the horse is now his, and he shall call him Crusader. The Princess what's her belt and to give it. When she refuses he bars the cell and leaves, with Starlite as his prisoner. Rainbow is hurt she is unable to protect Starlite, but On-X blasts through the back of the stone cell, allowing them to leave.

They travel to the high ground around the prison Fort. There they devise a plan to get in and get Starlite out. Their plot is not fully thought out before a group of large creatures called “Slurthies” appear.

A Slurthie is a large lizard creature from the Prison Planet. They grab Rainbow, Krys and On-X, but Rainbow manages to get away. In her escape she falls down a small hole and into a deep underground lake. Here she sees a whole nest of Slurthies. Carefully she climbs up a pillar to get out, but her presence is sensed, and the Slurthie begin to climb the pillars after her.

She jumps to a high level away from the opening, and hears her name called. There she sees a small gray Spectran Sprite on an opposite pillar, also climbing away from the Slurthie. He points her to his bag , which lay near by and she sees he has star sprinkles. Quickly she runs to the sprinkles and once her belt is charged, she and the old Sprite escape the creatures and move toward the Fort.

The Sprite informs her of who he is. He is Orin, the Sprite who sent On-X to fetch her. Together they plot a way to get Krys and the others out of the Fort. He gives Rainbow Brite the Prism. He says she must give it to Krys and together they will be able to fight their enemies.

In the Fort Starlite is having his fun confusing the Glitterbots by talking, because at this time they still do not realize he can talk. Murky and Lurky are being brought it as prisoners as well. Krys smiles as he looks up and sees a rainbow coming closer. He smiles knowing that Rainbow Brite is coming to save them.

Quickly the Starlite distracts the Glitterbots, and Rainbow is able to untie him, together she throws Krys the Prism, and shoots it with her rainbow power, charging it. Still unsure how it works, Krys pulls his arm out and looks away as a blast of energy shoots his enemy. First as a heat ray, then as a blast of ice. Finally free they leave.

Murky and Lurky aren't as fortunate, as they attempt to escape the gates close. Murky and Lurky are brought to the Princess. She says she wants Rainbow Brite, which Murky announces that he knows of her and is attempting to capture her too. He claims Rainbow Brite has several color belts, so the Princess demands he capture her and bring her all the belts. Once they are away from the Fortress they decide to head back to Spectra themselves.

On an asteroid belt somewhere between Spectra and the Fortress, our heroes discuss the next step to defeat the Princess. Orin says they have to sneak in an entrance so perilous it's left unguarded. And as long as the two of them are together they can defeat the Princess by destroying her magic jewel.

Orin takes On-X and they head to Spectra, he will see what he can do there. So Rainbow, Krys and Starlite head to the Fortress.They sneak in through the entrance over a large wheel, and edge in across some pipes, until the pipe breaks and they fall into a large inner river. They encounter a large monster, which because they are near by, Krys is able to blast and turn in to small fish. The river empties into the Fortress, and they both get out and look out a window toward Spectra.

On Spectra Orin and Popo are the only two Sprites not hypnotized. Carefully they are able to hide from the Glitterbots and cut the nets holding Spectra. Orin looks to Earth, which is growing more and more distant in the dark. And on Earth Brian is worried, for the snow and storms are getting worse.

In the thrown room, Rainbow and Krys confront the Princess, but this time they are prepared for her magic and using both the Rainbow and the Prism, the Princess can't hurt them, but they still can't hit the jewel itself. Then from behind Murky's space ship crashes uncontrollably in to the room, crushing the Princesses thrown.

With the Princess distracted, Rainbow and Krys hit the jewel with all their power. The jewel absorbs the energy and crumbles to dust. This causes everything the magic touched to crumble, including the thrown room.

Meanwhile on Spectra, Orin and Popo are surprised when the other Sprites come to them asking them what they are doing. It is then they notice all of the magic has worn off, and they are not hypnotized. The Glitterbots are being destroyed and the net is cut away. Rainbow Brite has won!

But that isn't going to stop the Princess. She has gotten into her ship and is heading to Spectra anyway. Her ship doesn't get too far however, as it nears the planet it runs low on fuel. Knowing that it runs on jewels for fuel, she throws her pet jewel in to get an extra boost.

When she gets closer and sees the net is cut, she decides if she can't have the diamond, no one will, and she pushes the ship to it's fastest speed, intending to crash the ship into the planet.

Orin and the other Sprites see the ship coming closer. If it crashes, the whole planet will shatter! But as it does a rainbow gets in it's path, pushing the ship back and in the chaos causes it to explode. The surface is harmlessly sprinkled with debris, and Rainbow Brite and Krys travel back to Rainbow Land.

Spectra shines with all it's glory, the snow on Earth melts, and the people can go outside for Spring has finally arrived. Back in Rainbow Land Rainbow Brite introduces Krys to the Color Kids who greet him warmly. Stormy rides the wind with Skydancer and welcome Rainbow Brite home, saying she is ready for a vacation. Doing Rainbow's job is harder then she thought, and she has more respect for her friend.

Just then Orin also arrives with On-X. He thanks them all for their help, and gives On-X to Krys. He is a reward for all his work, and the fact that he has finally matured to the warrior he knew he could become. Together they all promise to protect the universe, galaxy and all the colors of Earth forever.

And as this happy scene is happening Murky and Lurky tumble around space, unable to find their way back to Rainbow Land. But don't worry. They will. And there were many more adventures to be seen.

The End

Full Character Cast List

Production Credits

Trivia (Film)

Stormy's Horse is name Thunder
Krys had a star on his cheek too

1: Tickled Pink first appeared. She didn't have a speaking role, and was not mentioned in the credits because of this.

2: The name "Sergeant Zombo" is miss-spelled in the credits as "Sargeant Zombo"

3: Press kit for the movie states "STORMY's" horse is named "THUNDER" but was later changed to "SKYDANCER".

4: Originally designed to be the male equivalent of Rainbow Brite, Krys had a star on his cheek as well, but this is only seen in the stills released with the "Press kit"

5: Here's a story that I enjoy telling. When it came to doing the feature, Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer, my agent tried to get me more money. DIC, the producer, was very frugal. My agent suggested they give me three contracts instead of one on the project, convincing DIC, I could do several of the roles. In those days for a TV show, a performer was paid one fee and for that, would do as many as three characters. DIC figured they would get their money's worth by casting me in NINE roles. So the day came for our recording. A union representative came to the session and informed DIC that the rules were different for feature films, and they must give me a contract for EACH CHARACTER. I got nine contracts for my work. It was a big payday!

~ Pat Fraley from Rainbow Brite.Co.Uk Exclusive interview

Comic Book

Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer
Star Stealer Movie comic book
Comic Book
Publish Date November 15 1985
Producer DC Comics

With the release of the Star Stealer movie, Warner Brothers released a comic book as well. It was produced by DC Comic's Inc, a Warner Communications Company.

The adaption of the movie to comic broke the story up in to 6 chapters, (A prologue, 4 chapters and an epilogue)

Full Comic Credits

Trivia (Comic Book)

1: The antenna of the sprites in Spectra are crescent moons instead of orbs.

2: An extra scene/storyline is introduced which involved Brian saving a Robin and her eggs from the winter cold.

3: Tickled Pink is not in the comic book

4: Stormy appears only once

5: The final scene in Rainbow Land is not mentioned, and On-X is not given to Krys.

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