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Red Butler
Red Butler
Voiced by Mona Marshall
Sprite Romeo
 • Peril in the Pits
 • The Mighty Monstromurk Menace (Part 1)
 • The Mighty Monstromurk Menace (Part 2)
 • The Beginning of Rainbow Land (Part 2)
 • Invasion of Rainbow Land
 • Mom
 • Rainbow Night
 • Star Sprinkled
 • Chasing Rainbows
 • Murkys Comet
 • A Horse of a Different Color
 • Queen of the Sprites
Feature Film
 • Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer


Red Butler (Original)

Official Descriptions

Red is a smooth-talking, full-of-charm, fun-loving boy who is always searching for new adventure and looking for someone to rescue from trouble. But he is so sure of himself that often Murky Dismal is able to capture him and throw him in The Pits.

Although the rest of the Color Kids sometimes get fed up with the stories he tells, he is so full of energy and fun that he makes them all feel strong. He is the color of strength and courage and makes sure that there are always enough red Star Sprinkles ready.


Red Butler made his first appearance in "Peril in the Pits", along with many of the other original characters.

Red is an adventurous boy who is in charge of the red Star Sprinkles. He is often assisting the color kids and protecting Rainbow Land from Murky and Lurky. In typical hero fashion, with cape and a take charge attitude, his bravery can have it's drawbacks as it often gets him into trouble. No fear, however, because the Color Kids and Sprites are always on hand to help and get him out of it, proving that every hero needs a helping hand.

Red is usually seen supervising and taking charge of difficult tasks around Rainbow Land, such as mining the color caves for crystals, to supervising their cut into Star Sprinkles.

Often Red appears with Lala Orange, as they are portrayed to having a crush on each other. If he is not with Lala Orange, he can be found with Buddy Blue exercising or coming to the rescue whenever Rainbow Brite needs their help.

Red's name in Spanish is Alerta Rojo which means Red Alert
Red Butler and Romeo's Names in Other Languages
Language Country Flag Name
Red Butler & Romeo
French (France)
Roméo & Romeo
French (Canadian)
Rougeard & P'tit Câlin
Rød & Romeo
Richard Rosenherz & Rotbart
Spanish (Spain)
Alerta Rojo & Romeo
Spanish (Mexico)
Billy Red & Rocky
Red Rosso & Folletto Rosso

Red Regions

The Red Regions are where Red Butler and his sprites mine for red Star Sprinkles. The land itself is touched red, with red tomato vines, ripe strawberry patches, roses bushes, and every red plant or food you can imagine.


Romeo Red Sprite
Color Kid Red Butler

Romeo is Red Butler's faithful Sprite. He is in charge of the Red Sprites and helps to gather red Color Crystals from the color mines.

Red Butler's Story: The Big Red Heart

Red Butler's Doll Booklet
One day the Color Kids were out walking in a beautiful green field. The sun was shining brightly and the three friends were talking.

"I worked very hard to make this big field so colorful," said Patty O'Green. "Finding enough green Star Sprinkles was a big job!"

"And I spent hours finding enough yellow ones to make the sun shine so brightly," added Canary Yellow. "I hope Rainbow Brite will like it."

Red Butler smiled at the two girls. "I’m sure she will," he said. "But I don’t know why you had to work so hard. I always have plenty of red Star Sprinkles to deliver at a moment’s notice. I guess that’s why Rainbow Brite likes me best!"

Just then, Rainbow Brite came riding up on Starlite.

"Is it true?" Canary Yellow and Patty O’Green chimed. "Red Butler says you like him best." The two little girl’s eyes were full ot tears.

Rainbow Brite saw how hurt they were and she was upset. "Of course not," she said, looking at Red Butler. "How could you even say such a thing!"

Red Butler tried to explain, but it just made matters worse.

"Oh, Red Butler!" Rainbow Brite cried. "You and your bragging! I don’t want to hear another word!" With that, she turned Starlite around and galloped off.

Red Butler was very sad. "What am I going to do?" he wailed.

"Why don’t you do something nice for Rainbow Brite to show her you’re sorry?" suggested Patty O'Green.

"Yes, that's it!" Red Butler replied. "I'll get Romeo sprite to help me!"

The two went to work right away, building a big red heart. Then, they blew up lots of red balloons and tied them in a row along Rainbow Brite’s favorite riding path. When they were finished, they sat down to wait for Rainbow Brite.

Red Butler had almost given up hope when Rainbow Brite and Starlite came galloping down the path. Starlite saw the red balloons and came to a halt.

"Look Rainbow Brite!" he whinnied, "Red balloons everywhere!"

"Yes," she replied, "and they seem to be leading somewhere. How curious! Let’s follow them!" Rainbow Brite and Starlite made their way down the path. In an instant, they saw the giant red heart. "Oh, Starlite, look!" Rainbow Brite exclaimed. "It’s as big as the sky...and so beautiful!"

"And it has your name on it!" neighed Starlite.

Suddenly, Red Butler and Romeo sprite popped out from behind the sky-high heart. "Do you like it?" Red Butler asked, hopefully.

"Do I ever!" smiled Rainbow Brite.

"I’m sorry I upset you so," said Red Butler. "Can you ever forgive me?"

"Oh Red Butler! Of course I can!" replied Rainbow Brite, dropping to the ground, laughing and giving him a big hug. "Sometimes you say silly things, but you have a big heart!"

~ Red Butler's Doll Booklet 1984

Red Butler(Feeln)

Red Butler
Red Butler
Voiced by Cam Clarke
 • Cloudy with a chance of Gloom
 • The Ring's the Thing
 • Operation Sparkle Color Explosion

A macho-smooth talker whose mouth is always getting him into trouble. Believes in himself and everyone around him to a fault.

~ from RainbowBrite.Com (2015)[1]
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