Return to Rainbow Land

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Return to Rainbow Land
Return to Rainbow Land
Episode: 1
Production Company: Animax Entertainment
Release Date: 10/05/2009
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To introduce Rainbow Brite to a new generation Hallmark released web-episodes (webisodes) to introduce old an new fans to Rainbow Land. It all began with "Return to Rainbow Land"

Webisode Summary

A little girl sits on her front porch swing. She is dressed in a denim skirt and rainbow shirt. She looks around and draws on a piece of paper she has in hand. What is she drawing? A rainbow.

Meanwhile, in Rainbow Land all the colors have been drained away but for the Color Castle. Inside the castle a Tickled Pink struggles to open a window but a magic force has it closed.

The sinister voice of the Dark Princess taunts her explaining that Rainbow Brite is gone to earth to be with her family and somehow she has forgotten all about Rainbow Land or her promise to return!

Outside the castle Moonglow tries to break through the magic with her Moon Scepter but is pulled into the castle as well, but not before calling to P.B. (Puppy Brite) and telling her to get Starlite and get Rainbow back.

Back on Earth a magical rainbow appears behind the house the little girl lives. P.B. runs up to the little girl and barks to get her attention. The little girl notices P.B.'s collar which looks like the rainbow picture she has been drawing. The puppy barks happily and runs around the house. The little girl follows the puppy back to the rainbow behind her house and sees the beautiful rainbow maned horse. At that moment all the memories return of Rainbow Land return to the little girl's mind. She takes a magical Star Scepter in hand and transforms in to Rainbow Brite, defender of Color and returns with them to Rainbow Land.

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