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Shy Violet
Shy Violet
Voiced by Robbie Lee
Sprite I.Q.
 • Peril in the Pits
 • The Mighty Monstromurk Menace (Part 1)
 • The Mighty Monstromurk Menace (Part 2)
 • The Beginning of Rainbow Land (Part 2)
 • Invasion of Rainbow Land
 • Mom
 • Rainbow Night
 • Star Sprinkled
 • Chasing Rainbows
 • Murkys Comet
 • A Horse of a Different Color
 • Queen of the Sprites
Feature Film
 • Rainbow Brite and the Star Stealer


Shy Violet (Original)

Official Descriptions

The Star Sprinkles which Shy Violet and her Sprites produce in the Violet Valley are the color of wisdom and knowledge. Bespectacled Violet is a shy genius who spends most of her time reading and writing all about color. She can help Rainbow Brite solve almost any problem, whoever difficult, and everyone asks her advice because she is always right!

Shy Violet & IQ's Names in Other Languages
Language Country Flag Name
Shy Violet & I.Q.
French (France/Canada)
Violine & P'tit Crack
Viola Veilchenscheu & Violetto
Spanish (Spain/Mexico)
Violeta & I.Q.
Violetta & Folletto Viola

Violet Valley

The Violet Valley is where Shy Violet and her Sprites mine for violet Star Sprinkles. The land is sprinkled violet with many flowers and fruits. Shy Violet does her best to make sure every violet plant and fruit are given the best attention.


I.Q. Violet Sprite
Color Kid Shy Violet

Shy Violet's Story: The Mixed-Up Solution

Shy Violet's Doll Booklet
One bright and happy day in Rainbow Land, the violet sprites were picnicking on the hillside. They were unaware that they were being watched by the two villains of Rainbow Land - Murky Dismal and Lurky.

Suddenly, Lurky jumped out from behind the bushes and, with his big sprite net, gathered up the sprites. Then he and his boss, Murky Dismal, hauled them off to their cave in The Pits.

It was hours before Rainbow Brite and Starlite were able to rescue the poor violet sprites and bring them home again.

"Oh no!" cried Rainbow Brite when she got a good look at the sprites. "They are so pale and weak."

Rainbow Brite and the Color Kids did their very best to take good care of the faded little sprites. But every day, they just grew weaker.

"I don't understand it," said Rainbow Brite. "No matter what we do, the sprites just seem to be getting worse and worse...and Shy Violet doesn't even seem to care. She just stays in the library with her nose in a book night and day."

"If anyone should care about the violet sprites, it should be Shy Violet," said Buddy Blue. "But she's no help at all."

"There's only one thing to do," said Rainbow Brite. "I'll go to Shy Violet myself and insist that she come up with an answer to this problem. She's never let us down before, and if something isn't done soon, there will be no more violet sprites and no more violet colors in the world."

Just then Shy Violet came skipping down the path toward the unhappy little group. "Gosh," she said, "why does everyone look so sad?"

"We're worried about the violet sprites," Rainbow Brite told her. "They haven't got much time. We have to do something fast!"

"Well..." said Shy Violet with a shy smile, "I may just have the answer we need. I've been working night and day on a color theory of mine, and I've finally come up with something."

"Let's hear it!" cried the Color Kids.

"All we have to do," Shy Violet said, "is to get the violet back into the sprites' cheeks. If we can find a way to make them violet again, their strength will return and they'll feel better in no time."

"We know that," said Rainbow Brite. "But how can we possibly make them violet when there haven't been any violet Star Sprinkles for days now?"

"That's where my theory comes into play," Shy Violet smiled. Then she pulled out a chart with a color wheel on it and started explaining the theory.

"If we combine red Star Sprinkles with blue Star Sprinkles," Shy Violet concluded, "we'll get violet Star Sprinkles! Then we can use them to bring the poor little sprites back to their normal color, and get them on the road to recovery."

"Hooray!" everyone shouted. "What a wonderful idea!" And off they went to gather the Sprinkles.

"Now let's mix them up together...and get Rainbow Brite to touch them...and then we'll have it!"

When the violet color was finished, each pale little sprite got a dab of color. Soon they were looking and feeling like new again, and everyone in Rainbow Land was happy.

I.Q. sprite hugged Shy Violet to show her just how much he appreciated her wonderful idea.

"Shy Violet has saved the day once again," said Rainbow Brite. "We should have known all along that she couldn't have forgotten her little sprites. Sometimes it just pays to use your head...right everyone?"

Everyone cheered and thanked Shy Violet for her mixed-up solution.

~ Shy Violet's Doll Booklet 1985

Shy Violet(Feeln)

Shy Violet
Shy Violet
 • Cloudy with a chance of Gloom
 • The Ring's the Thing
 • Operation Sparkle Color Explosion

Shy as her name suggests, Violet never raises a fuss. She always supports the other color kids. Even if it’s to her own detriment, she’s always first in line to help others. No one would guess that this quiet young girl has also got a secret alter ego, the mysterious PURPLE PROTECTOR, an action-junkie crime fighter who lurks in the shadows, helping others while never sticking around to take credit.

~ from RainbowBrite.Com (2015)[1]
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