The Beginning of Rainbow Land (Part One)

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The Beginning of Rainbow Land (Part One)
The Beginning of Rainbow Land
Episode: 4
Language | Name
The Beginning of Rainbow Land (Part One)
Les origines du pays de l'arc-en-ciel (1re partie)
Regnbuelands historie (del 1)
Auf der Suche nach dem Regenbogenland - Teil 1
Nasce il paese dell'arcobaleno
Written by: Howard R Cohen
Production Company: D.I.C. Audio Visuel
Directed by: Bernard Deyries
Release Date: 04/22/1985
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See How The Magical World Of Rainbow Land Began!

Think of a magical place, far away at the rainbow's end. It's a place called Rainbow Land, where all the colors for the world are made. In this magical place lives a very special little girl, Rainbow Brite. Rainbow Brite has a very big job indeed: with the help of the Color Kids and her magical horse Starlite she brings green to the trees, blue to the sky and yellow to the sun --all the colors of the world!

But Rainbow Land wasn't always bright and beautiful. It was once a colorless wasteland, ruled by an Evil Force that took the form of wind and storm. Rainbow Brite was sent to find the light and color of this desolate land and set it free. Her only hope is to find the magical color belt, but many obstacles stand in her path.

Full Summary: The Beginning of Rainbow Land (Part One)

Once upon a time, Rainbow Land was not always bright and colorful. Here is how it began. Sprites lived in fear of fierce birds and beasts. The beasts roamed the land running towards a dark fortress in the distance.

But out of a glowing orb came a small little girl named Wisp. A magical voice asks her if she will save this world from darkness. She says she will, but she needs to find the Sphere of Light.

The glow, and the voice fade leaving leaving little Wisp alone. She travels, where she runs into fierce beasts, evil looking trees, and weeds.

Soon she runs into a white furry Sprite named Twink. She tells him what she is looking for but he is to much a hurry, being chased by a giant ram. He explains that the beasts all go there, and that is where the Sphere of Light is.

Twink and Wisp travel together through treacherous paths, over lava, through a field of frozen lighting. Sprites are struck and turned into ice. As they pass Twink is struck, and he is faded into ice too. But Wisp pulls and tells him to believe he will be safe. The earth trembles and lava appears, melting the small Sprite.

When they continue on they see someone else was also frozen in the ice. A beautiful white horse, standing on a hillside. As Wisp touches the horse, the eyes open and the ice breaks, releasing the horse from the ice. The horse defends off the wild birds and soon they all are tumbling down the hill, The horse catches the small girl and Sprite, telling them to hold on. Surprised that he can speak, he shrugs the observation of saying he is "Starlite" the most magnificent horse in the universe.

Meanwhile in the dark castle, two gruesome guys Murky and Lurky, feast. The evil voice shouts to them to find this little girl and stop her. They take on this task.

Starlite says the only way to the castle is through the "No Return River" and the legend of the color belt. The evil one threw it in a long time ago. But as they near the location they see there is no river. As the land begins to quake again the three heroes are toppled down the steep hillside, Starlite running, Twink bouncing. It was then uncovered that the river was in fact hidden under the "river bed". Starlite's running broke the surface and it was now filling with water!

They run towards a bridge, but as they do Murky and Lurky, the two gloomy guys from earlier are sawing and cutting making it weak hoping the bridge will break when they get there and they will fall in the river again.

As the river fills with water evil fish bite and snap, Starlite jumps out of the water and they continue on to the bridge ...where Murky has fallen and is dangling between the two sides of a broken piece. Lurky leaves, not knowing his partner is in trouble, and hides. As the heroes approach the bridge becomes weak and soon crumbles under them, sending them in the river! Murky climbs safely out while the others are swung down the rapids!

Twink is separate, then a wave parts Wisp and Starlite, and the the waves carry Wisp away from them. In a moment of desperation Wisp cries. She wants to go home. Then a wave pushes the small girl on a ledge, there she sees a small bundle wrapped up.

Wrapped in the small bundle is a baby. She is adorable with pink hair, but as Wisp looks around she realizes she is alone. It is then all her friends appear, Starlite, and Twink swim to shore where they find Wisp and the infant. They all look at the small baby with wonder and perhaps a little annoyance. Wisp will not leave the small baby, insisting they have to help her. Soon after they decide to hide into a cave to get the baby out of the rain.

Once inside they attempt to dry off and build a fire. As the fire starts a small twinkle is seen in the distance. Wisp investigates the twinkle and finds a small belt. As she puts it around her waist it glows and sparkles. It is the color belt! Now with this discovery, she and her friends can now make the world bright and beautiful!

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Murky Dismal
King of Shadows
Baby Brite


Sphere of Light/Lady Brite: Do you still want to save this world little Wisp?
Wisp: Yes. It's even worse close up
Sphere of Light/Lady Brite:Find the light and color of this land and set it free, and the darkness will disappear.
Wisp: where do I start?
Sphere of Light/Lady Brite:Look for the sphere of light.

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1: Contrary to popular belief, "The Beginning of Rainbow Land" was not the first episode, but the 4th.

2: Rainbow Brite's real name is Wisp.

3: Often called "The Evil One" or "Dark Force" the villain of this episode is the "King of Shadows".

4: Baby Brite first appeared in this episode, but didn't have a name. The character is based on the Baby Brite/New Born Star dolls which had not yet been released. You will find continuity errors with her, such as her belt will disappear and reappear in scenes.

5: The script for this episode was written 10/26/1984 and the episode aired April of 1985.[1]


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