The Mighty Monstromurk Menace (part one)

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The Mighty Monstromurk Menace (Part One)
The Mighty Monstromurk Menace
Episode: 2
Language | Name
The Mighty Monstromurk Menace (Part One)
La Menace du roi des ténèbres (1re partie)
Monstro-murk Vender Tilbake (del 1)
Der mächtige Flaschengeist - Teil 1
Tutti contro mostro Murk
Den Väldiga Monstermurken del 1
Written by: Woody Kling
Production Company: D.I.C. Audio Visuel
Directed by: Bernard Deyries
Release Date: 12/04/1984
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Think of a magical place, far away at the rainbow's end. It's a place called Rainbow Land, where all the colors for the world are made. In this magical place lives a very special little girl, Rainbow Brite.

Rainbow Brite has a very big job indeed: with the help of the Color Kids and her magical horse Starlite she brings green to the trees, blue to the sky and yellow to the sun---all the colors to the world!

But even a place like Rainbow Land has it's gloomy side. In "The Mighty Monstromurk Menace," Rainbow Brite must once again face Murky Dismal and his bumbling side kick Lurky. And now they have an even greater foe, Murky's most ferocious invention, the Mighty Monstromurk, whose power can drain all the color from the world. It's up to Rainbow Brite and her friends to see that all the colors stay bright and beautiful! Will Rainbow Brite and the Color Kids save Rainbow Land? Watch them and see!

Full Summary: The Mighty Monstromurk Menace (Part One)

A rainy night in the Pits, Murky Dismal checks on one of his old creations, the Monstromurk, in a bottle and in a cage. The Monstromurk is one of Murky's strongest creations, but he cannot control it. So the creature sits trapped in a magic bottle, in a rage.

As the rain pours a bolt of lightning zaps the cage lock, and the Monstromurk bounces out of the cage. Leaving behind glowing prints, Murky and Lurky follow it to Rainbow Land.

Meanwhile in Rainbow Land the Color Kids are having picnic day and playing games. Rainbow Brite waves goodbye and goes to spread color on earth. Murky waits until he is gone, and plans to kidnap the Color Kids and capture the Monstromurk

During their potato sack race, the kids run into the Monstromurk's bottle, who accidentally hopped into an empty sack. The kids stop the sack and discover the bottle. Shy Violet points out what is in the bottle. "The Monstromurk", who attempted to destroy Rainbow Land over 700 years ago.

Murky appears and blasts the kids with his gloom gun, and takes the bottle back. The kids lay helpless, and Murky returns to the Pits with the bottle. Lurky asks why he won't destroy it, if it's so dangerous. Murky explains it has the ability to drain all color, but he has to master it first.

Murky says to make sure the cork stays in the bottle, but when Lurky attempts to push the cork tighter, he pushes it through, and his finger gets stuck. When he removes his figure, the Monstromurk escapes the bottle like a Murky genie escaping.

He is very large, and picks up Murky like a doll scolding him for tricking him into the magic bottle to begin with. He then forces Murky to look into the bottle and be sucked in too.

A prisoner in by his own creation, Murky agrees to be the Monstromurk's slave and let him rule the Pits.

The Color Kids revive, and they go to the Color Console to alarm Rainbow Brite. To do this they all have to press a button, with all seven pressing at the same time. This will send an alarm through the rainbow causing it to shake, signaling Rainbow Brite that there is an emergency in Rainbow Land.

On Earth, Rainbow Brite is hard at work when Starlite points out that they are near Brian, the only human on Earth who can see Rainbow Brite, so they decide to go visit him. Brian is doing his paper route, when Rainbow comes along. It's early in the morning, so no one will see her.

She blows Brian a kiss, which sticks to his cheek. He waves hello. When Rainbow asks if he missed them, he drops a paper, and nervously picks it back up. When Rainbow attempts to help him, he tells he he has a job to do, and he doesn't need help from a girl. This hurts Rainbow's feelings a bit, for she frowns.

Suddenly the alarm reaches them, and they turn to leave. Brian asks if he can help them, but Rainbow reminds him that he has a job, and so does she. She does hand him a small brass key with a rainbow on it, and tells him if ever he does want to visit all he needs to do is put it in any lock and it will take him to Rainbow Land.

As she leaves, Brian thinks she may need his help and he sloppily finishes his route and goes home. When he puts the key in the lock of his bedroom closet, a rainbow appears on the other side and stretches towards Rainbow Land. Brian gets on the magic rainbow and it moves like an escalator taking him away.

As he travels toward Rainbow Land, so does Rainbow Brite. The Color Kids would only use the Rainbow Alarm for an emergency.

Meanwhile, back in the Pits, the Monstromurk leaves and uses his power on Rainbow Land, draining it of all color.

Murky warns the Monstromurk that Rainbow is almost there, and he uses his power on the rainbow, which causes it to bend and sag. Rainbow uses her own power to give the rainbow back it's energy. The Monstromurk screams in frustration that he can't defeat Rainbow Brite, but as he does he notices another Rainbow headed toward Rainbow Land. He zaps that rainbow draining it gray.

Brian, who is traveling to Rainbow Land on that rainbow gets down on his knees as the rainbow sags, dries, and crumbles. Rainbow sees this and sends a rainbow to catch the boy, then she takes him back to Rainbow Land with her.

When they get there they see it has been turned gray. in several parts. The Color Kids tell her the Monstromurk is back. Brian says he will help, but Red Butler says he will do it. Brian tries to go with them to the Color Caves for Star Sprinkles, but Buddy Blue says he won't be needed, because that is their job.

Brian insists he will help them, and Red tells him that the Monstromurk is a huge beast with fangs and breaths fire ...which of course, he doesn't do. Brian, none the less is weary.

At the Color Caves Brian feels left out because he can't help out, and Red has it under control. Reds ego wears on Brian and he mentions "Now I realize why red isn't my favorite color."

Rainbow takes sacks of Color Crystals and straps them to Starlite. They travel over Rainbow Land and pour the magic around it, forming a magic Rainbow Wall that the Monstromurk can't get through.

The Monstromurk get angry, but still can't get through.

Rainbow Brite returns Rainbow Land to color. The kids think before they fight the Monstromurk, they should rest, and someone stand guard. The kids nominate Red Butler, but scoff at Brian's attempt to offer. Rainbow says Brian came a long way to help them, so he should get the honor of guarding the Color Castle.

Back in the Pits, the Monstromurk demands Murky and Lurky kidnap Rainbow Brite, which will weaken the Rainbow Wall, and cause it to crumble. They agree and head toward Rainbow Land in the Grunge Buggy. Once at the wall Lurky puts a large "shield", suite that covers his body to his shoes. Murky clings to his back under the suite, and Lurky walks through the Rainbow Wall with out getting colored.

At the Color Castle, everyone sleeps inside, while Brian stands guard. Murky and Lurky appear and Lurky grabs Brian while Murky sneaks inside and puts the magic bottle under Rainbow's face. When she opens her eyes she looks into the magic bottle and is sucked inside, trapped. Murky runs out with rainbow, and Lurky drops Brian. Brian looks up and sees the little bottle and Rainbow trapped inside and he was unable to stop it.

To be continued...


Rainbow Brite
Murky Dismal
Red Butler
Lala Orange
Canary Yellow
Patty O'Green
Buddy Blue
Shy Violet
The Monstromurk


Shy Violet: Don't touch it Lala! I can't make out what's inside but it looks like Murky's Monstromurk!
Indigo: It still exists? it's been over 700 years since it tried to destroy Rainbow Land!

Lurky: Wow Murky! When you created a monster, you created a monster!

Closing Credits


1: This episode assisted in establishing the age of the Rainbow Brite characters as timeless. The episode states that the Monstromurk was created by Murky Dismal to destroy Rainbow Land and when he couldn't control the creature, he captured him in a magic bottle. This happened 700 years ago.

2: The Monstromurk is a near duplicate of Murky Dismal. He has a mustache, and his head has on a helmet similar to the one Murky wears.

3: This is the episode that introduced the "Key to Rainbow Land"

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