Trouble in Rainbow Land

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Trouble in Rainbow Land
Trouble in Rainbow Land
Episode: 5
Production Company: Renegade Animation
Release Date: January 8th 2010
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Episode 4  ☆

Trouble in Rainbow Land was the last Webisode released on RainbowBrite.Com in 2010. It gives a bigger view of what life is like in Rainbow Land with the new Rainbow Brite Characters.

The episode begins with showing us how Color Crystals are gathered, and processed into Star Sprinkles. It also shows us what appears to be a new Color Castle, with 7 towers and it signaling to Rainbow Brite that there is trouble.

Back at the castle, Rainbow Brite peers into a globe and the sky turning black. Out in Rainbow Land a large machine with a "cloud and lightning bolt" is churning up gloom and the sky grows black around it. Rainbow Brite uses her Star Scepter to attack the machine and is soon followed by tickled Pink and Moonglow in defeating the machine and returning color to Rainbow Land. They hug and smile as they have defeated it, but as they do they look ahead over to the Color Castle and see black clouds moving ahead.

The Episode ends with clips from the previous Character Episodes and the new Rainbow Brite logo.

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