Invasion of Rainbow Land

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Invasion of Rainbow Land
Invasion of Rainbow Land
Episode : 6
Language | Name
Invasion of Rainbow Land
French (Candaian)
L'Invasion du pays de l'arc-en-ciel
Wajja Kommer
Invasion des Regenbogenlandes
L'invasione del Paese dell'Arcobaleno
Written by: Howard R Cohen
Production Company: D.I.C. Audiovisuel
Release Date: 01/17/1987 [1]
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Follow the exploits of a cute little alien who crash lands in Rainbow Land in INVASION OF RAINBOW LAND! The little alien gets his energy by absorbing color and that means Rainbow Land is in trouble. If Rainbow Brite and the Color Kids don't get his flying saucer fixed right away, he'll drain Rainbow Land of all it's color for good.

Full Summary: Invasion of Rainbow Land

Deep in space a tiny ship tips around. It looks like it is having engine problems. On earth, a forest lay smoking, ruined by a recent forest fire. Rainbow sprinkles the area with Star Sprinkles and the plants being to grow.

The problem becomes, it took so many sprinkles to repair the damage that there is only one Star Sprinkle left. Rainbow Brite, Twink and Starlite decide to head to Rainbow Land for more. As they fly away the little space craft seems to follow them.

Back in Rainbow Land, Sprites push and tumble sprinkles to the Color Caves and create more Star Sprinkles.

Murky and Lurky attempt to use a new machine which will transform the Star Sprinkle into Rain Sprinkles. This way when they are used it will cause a gloomy rain cloud rather then bring color.

Meanwhile in space, the small ship follows closely behind Rainbow Brite, crashing against the rainbow and bobbing around them. Rainbow attempts to detour off the current rainbow, but it fades, and they continue on the original rainbow to Rainbow Land. The small ship follow close behind and crashes in front of the Color Castle.

Everyone looks at the small ship curiously, and when it opens a giant eye-probe comes out and looks around. Rainbow comes soon after and they all examine the ship.

The ship opens and a small alien comes out. His name is Wajja. She introduces herself as Rainbow Brite. The alien uses his universal translator to speak, but mistakes English for German, and then Japanese before getting the correct English translation. He says:

"Hello Rainbow Brite. Something seems to be wrong with my vehicle."

Violet looks over the ship and attempts to figure out how the ship flies, or what it uses for fuel. She says she will look it over and find it.

However, while waiting around they all notice Rainbow's sleeve has changed to gray! It seems Wajja is adsorbing the colors. He uses colors as food. The longer he stays in Rainbow Land the more he eats.

The Color Kids all work on the ship, but stay away from Wajja so he doesn't absorb their color. Wajja gets sad. He doesn't mean to hurt them. And he starts to cry.

Murky sees this and smiles with glee. He has a new plan! If he can keep the ship grounded, Wajja will have no choice but absorb all the colors, which is what the kids and Rainbow fear the most!

Violet looks around and figures the ship itself must run on colors too. Since Star Sprinkles are the most concentrated source of color, she has to find a way to get the ship to use them as a fuel source.

Murky and Lurky infiltrates the team of Color Kids in disguise, even getting past Starlite on his way inside the ship. As the others concentrate on getting the ship to work, Murky is able to kidnap Wajja. As they make his way back to the pits, the small alien cannot help but cause the colors on their path to fade.

As they crash back to the Pits, Wajja escapes and tries to run away from Murky but, as Murky attempts to catch him, he gets drained of all his own colors.

In the meantime, Violet has fixed the ship and they fly it into the Pits and rescue Wajja by spraying the cave with Star Sprinkles. Murky uses his machine and turns the Star Sprinkles into Rain Sprinkles which actually works, causing a storm to erupt in the cave. While hs is distracted, Wajja is able to escape and return to Rainbow Land with the kids.

Once safe away from the pits they send him home in his ship which now runs on Star Sprinkles.

As he leaves, the ship then re-colors Rainbow Land back to it's original brilliance.

The End


Rainbow Brite
Murky Dismal
Red Butler
Lala Orange
Canary Yellow
Patty O'Green
Buddy Blue
Shy Violet

Closing Credits


1: When Wajja first greets Rainbow Brite, he uses his Universal Translator to speak English and says the following in German:

  • Ach, guten Tag meine Freunde. (Translation: Oh, good morning, my friends.)

Realizing his mistake he attempts to speak again, this time in Japanese saying:

  • Mina-san, Ohayô Gozaimasu! (Translation: Good morning, everyone!)

2: The episode opens with the same "Creating Star Sprinkles" montage as "Star Sprinkled", with a red Sprite in the place of Twink!

3: Invasion of Rainbow Land was originally written 08/13/1985 and the final draft completed 08/20/1985 and aired 01/17/1987


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