Peril in the Pits

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Peril in the Pits
Peril in the Pits
Episode: 1
Language | Name
Peril in the Pits
Danger dans la région des mines
Trøbbel i Hulene
Ein Ausflug ins Regenbogenland
Iridella trova un amico
Avgrundsdalens Faror
Written by: Woody Kling
Production Company: D.I.C. Audiovisuel
Directed by: Osamu Dezaki
Release Date: 06/24/1984
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Turn Your Child's World Rainbow Brite!

Think of a magical place, far away at the rainbow's end. It's a place called Rainbow Land, where all the colors for the world are made. In this magical place lives a very special little girl, Rainbow Brite. Rainbow Brite has a very big job indeed: with the help of the Color Kids -- Buddy Blue, Red Butler, Canary Yellow, Lala Orange, Patty O'Green, Shy Violet and Indigo, and her magical horse Starlite -- she brings green to the trees, blue to the sky and yellow to the sun -- all the colors to the world!

But even a place like Rainbow Land has its gloomy side. In "The Pits" live Murky Dismal and his bumbling sidekick Lurky, who are intent on draining the world of all its color. In this new adventure Rainbow Brite must save herself and the Color Kids from "Peril in the Pits."

Join Rainbow Brite and her friends for an exciting animated adventure at the end of the rainbow!

The Story: Peril in the Pits

It's a nice day after a spring rain. "Sam" a loyal dog is waiting for his master to come home. A bus pulls up and a small boy steps off. The dog barks at his feet.

As the bus pulls away the boy shakes his head, that he didn't make the team, and from his baseball glove and ball you can tell what team he meant.

The dog follows him...and he notices a rainbow spread in the sky over head. He barks and chases the boy to get him to notice but he won't. He is looking down sadly.

Above in the clouds Rainbow Brite, Starlite and Twink watch. They don't understand why the boy will not look up and be happy to see the colors. Rainbow decides to make it more obvious, and creates a prism orb and blows through it sending a rainbow down to earth and right in the boys path...but he won't look up...and walks RIGHT into IT!

When the boy looks around he sees the swirling magic of the rainbow and leaps out of it ...leaving himself covered with colors. Rainbow Brite and the others are alarmed, she didn't mean for this to happen and there is only one way to fix it!

Even though no one is to know about them, they travel down and introduce themselves to the bewildered boy. She is Rainbow Brite, the white Sprite is Twink, and ...Starlite introduces himself...the most magnificent horse in the universe.

They agree that he HAS to come to Rainbow Land to take the colors off. So he climbs on Starlite's back and tells his dog to stay.

They travel over the rainbow and he introduces himself. His name is Brian and he's 10 years old ...almost 11.

Meanwhile in The Pits, Murky and Lurky, two evil villains of Rainbow Land are watching them. Murky creates his gloom mixture and begins his plan to get Rainbow Brite's magic belt and remove all the color and make everyone he is.

They travel in their Grunge Buggy towards Rainbow Land, a land of bright colors and full of happy Sprites and Color Kids.

As they walk through the flower fields they drain the colors away, which is noticed by another Sprite who goes to the Color Caves to warn the Color Kids.

In the Color Caves the kids and Sprites are mining Color Crystals and sprinkles. The Sprite runs in and squeaks in the Sprite language what is happening. The kids agree to come look and stop Murky's evil plan...what ever that is.

Lurky asks Murky what the plan actually is. He claims he wants to spray everyone with his "Gloom Cloud" so that they will be weak and not resist his commands and he can get the color belt from Rainbow Brite. Lurky tests this out on Murky..and he sees how it works. Murky stands in a daze agreeing with whatever Lurky wants.

Once Rainbow Brite gets to Rainbow Land the kids tell her the villains are in Rainbow Land. Murky and Lurky then appear and tell her he wants her belt. Rainbow refuses and Murky blasts his gun, but Rainbow touches her belt and a rainbow appears covering the cloud and Lurky with colors! Lurky gets all happy and Murky blasts him with his gloom gun ...removing the colors and returning Lurky to being gloomy.

As they leave, Rainbow tells the kids she is going to remove the "rainbow" from Brian and she will be back.

Meanwhile, instead of leaving Rainbow Land, Murky and Lurky hide in the Color Caves, and wait for the Color Kids to return. When they do, he blasts them with the gloom cloud and they follow his command, getting into a cage...and he takes them to the Pits. Before he leaves, he pockets some blue sprinkles...for later.

In the Color Castle Rainbow removes Brian's colors using a single magic sprinkle, which returns the rainbow to the sprinkle. Once it's inside the sprinkle fades and Brian is left with his original colors.

Suddenly Sprites burst in the room and tell Rainbow in Sprite-Speak that Murky has kidnapped the kids. Rainbow must go to the Pits, but they have never been in the Pits before.

Brian comes along too and as they enter the Pits, Rainbow discovers that the gloom is too thick, her power won't work, and Starlite can't fly, but he does stop them from falling by bracing himself against the walls as they fall, slowing the fall. The Pits gloom is draining all their energy. But they travel on. And Brian gets to see how the world would be if Murky did get her belt.

As they travel Murky takes the blue sprinkles he stole and throws them in a pool of quicksand. Starlite, thinking it is water goes into it to clean off the dust from the Pits. They try to pull him out by forming a human chain, but Rainbow loses her grip and falls in the sand too! Brian has her remove her belt and they use it to pull them to shore..once at shore they collapse ...and...Murky scoops them in a cage and takes the color belt.

He takes the belt, blasts it with gloom, and enters Rainbow Land, and colors it gray and gloomy! Then he returns Rainbow and her friends to a deep hole in the Pits, and leaves them there. Rainbow has to formulate a plan to get out, but how can they get out of a deep hole like that? Twink says to kick him up and he will lower the rope. Using Brains catchers mitt they do it and get out of the pit.

They go to find Murky and Lurky and discover they are filling a hot air balloon with gloom to spread over the world. As they attempt to climb up and stop them, Brian grabs the belt from Murky and they all let go, which springs the balloon up. As Murky and Lurky try to lower the balloon it actually breaks and crashes down into the Pits.

Their job done Rainbow Brite returns to Rainbow Land and takes Brian back home. His dog still waiting for him. Knowing that she can't see him anymore, she says goodbye, but tells him to remember her, and she gives him a rainbow kiss on the cheek as she and Starlite fly away through the rainbow and back to Rainbow Land

The End


Rainbow Brite
Murky Dismal
Red Butler
Patty O'Green
Canary Yellow


Brian: Hi boy.
Dog: *barks*
Brian: Nope. I didn't make the team.

Rainbow Brite: What do I have to do to get that kid to look up at the rainbow?
Starlite: Yes, he would feel fine if he could see the rainbow.
Rainbow Brite: Hey down there! Look up! *watches the boy keep walking away* Glumface will see us this time. Twink, the crystals.

Rainbow Brite: Hey, why didn't you look up at the rainbow?
Brian: Who are you? Where do you come from? How does that horse fly?
Rainbow Brite: Boy, you've got more questions then colors! Okay, I'm Rainbow Brite, and this is Twink, and...
Starlite: Starlite! The magnificent horse, the glory of the galaxy!
Brian: *whispers* He talks!

Twink: Colors make you happy!

Lurky: Hey! I'm full of pretty colors!
Brian: Yeah, and those colors stick!
Lurky: They make me feel good. Lets be friendly with everybody!

Starlite: I need a bath. I'm covered with dust! I feel like a common plow horse! *Sees blue liquid in the distance* WATER!
Rainbow Brite: It looks suspicious Starlite. It could be one of Murky's tricks! Don't go near it!
Starlite: I refuse to go around looking like this! *steps in water, which then turns brown* It's quicksand!

Rainbow Brite: Hope doesn't come from a belt! It comes from inside us!

Rainbow Brite: Hey glumface! Next time theres a rainbow, look up! You'll feel better and you might see me too!

Closing Credits


1: Did you know this was the first Rainbow Brite episode released and it only featured 6 Color Kids? Indigo, Patty O'Green, Canary Yellow, and Red Butler are featured through the episode, but you can see Shy Violet and Buddy Blue in the crowd at the end!

2: Brian's dog name is not mention in the show, but in the "Rainbow Brite's Treasury", which gives details of the episodes written in book form it says his name is in fact "Sam".

3: In the German Audio Cassette Tapes this episode is replicated and Brian's name is Peter and he is a boxer, not a ball player.

4: This episode was released on VHS, Laser Disc, and Beta.

5: Special Programming was included with the videos released. The special was a set of "Terry Toon" episodes: The Clockmaker's Dog, The Happy Valley, and The Flying Fish

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