Rainbow Night

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Rainbow Night
Rainbow Night
Episode: 8
Language | Name
Rainbow Night
La Nuit en otage
La notte di Iridella
Written by: Howard R Cohen
Production Company: D.I.C. Audiovisuel
Release Date: 01/31/1987 [1]
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Murky Dismal kidnaps Moonglow, the color kid who brings soft colors to the night, in RAINBOW NIGHT. He's blackened the nights for good, unless Rainbow Brite can rescue Moonglow and restore the soothing colors of the night in Rainbow Land and to Earth.

Full Summary: Rainbow Night

It's beautiful night in Rainbow Land. The moon shines bright, stars twinkle and glow.

Rainbow Brite acknowledges that "Moonglow really did it this time."

But who is Moonglow?

In the middle of Rainbow Land a little girl and her Sprite appear out of the moonlight. Murky and Lurky want to make the nights gloomy. Murky says he will capture the "Star Splasher" Moonglow, and this way the nights will be gloomy.

The next night, Rainbow Brite, and Puppy Brite go to sleep. Little does she suspect, Murky and Lurky are sneaking into Rainbow Land.

They see Moonglow and her sprite filling their bag with all the golden star shine crystals they can carry. Murky's plan is to sneak around to her and Nite Sprite, and while Lurky distracts them, spray her and Nite Sprite with a gloom cloud.

The deed goes as planned, and Moonglow is trapped under a net. To hide she makes herself fade thanks to her glowing powers. Murky sprays her again and she re-appears. When Nite Sprite tries to chase them down he runs into a stray gloom cloud and passes out.

Back in Rainbow Land everyone notices the night is dark with no stars and they run to see what is going on. There they find Nite Sprite collapsed from too much gloom. He awakens and tells them that Murky and Lurky have kidnapped Moonglow! He also reminds them that on Earth it is just as gloomy because they haven't had a chance to get there. Without Moonglow there is no star shine!

In the Pits Murky puts Moonglow under a sun lamp. Moonglow concentrates her star power and stars glow around her, but Murky makes the lamp brighter. However bright it becomes she won't give up.

Meanwhile Rainbow and Starlite try to come up with a way to get Murky and Lurky out of the Pits so they can fight them.

In the Pits Moonglow sparkles under the sunlamp and Murky brings a laser light to make a light as bright as the sun to drain her of all her star shine power!

Moonglow tries to sparkle, but they increase the light.

Meanwhile Rainbow and Starlite sneak into the Pits. While admiring the darkness out the window Lurky notices them coming and tells Murky. Murky says he will not be fooled by Rainbow Brite sneaking in the back of the Pits and takes Moonglow to the lowest exit in the pits. At the very bottom is a weak bridge. That bridge covers the deepest cavern in the pits. Carefully they cart Moonglow over this cavern, with the lights still on her, out through a lower exit. Once they cross it he removes the bridge and continues on up and out of the hole.

Meanwhile Rainbow Brite and Starlite travel on, when they suspect the sun rising they notice it is in fact Moonglow and her star shine, with the sunlight lamps brightly pointed at her.

Murky and Lurky cover the exit they just came out of with tree limbs, and place Moonglow on the other side of the hole.

The plan: When they come to get Moonglow, walk over the tree limbs which will break and slide her down into the deepest hole in the Pits!

To keep Moonglow from letting them know the plan he gags her. Then he and Lurky hide. But Rainbow walks around the trees, Murky wants her to fall in so he runs out and pushes her into the hole but Starlite catches her. Knowing he cannot win Murky runs away, but he falls into the hole. Lurky runs in after him.

Knowing they are now safe Rainbow Brite unties Moonglow. She thanks them and she fades away. As she does the stars in the sky burst into full color. Stars twinkle, the Aurora Borealis shimmers over the far mountains, and the moon unfolds full round and moonlight gold. Moonglow reappears and sighs at a job quickly, yet well done.

On Earth, Brian stands out in his yard and smiles at the twinkling stars and thanks Rainbow Brite for saving the night's colors.

The End

Closing Credits


1: While the characters appeared in previous episodes, this is the first episode to feature the characters Moonglow and Nite Sprite in speaking roles.

2: with the exception of Moonglow, only 3 Color Kids are seen in this episode: Tickled Pink, Indigo, and Red Butler.

3: Kitty Brite and Puppy Brite are both seen in this episode.

4: This episode was originally drafted 11/21/1985 and aired 01/31/1987 [2]


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